No discussion of Williamsburg, VA home renovations would be complete without sharing some handy closet design tips. So here’s a look at how to get more satisfaction and enjoyment from your closet space.

Know How Much Room You’ll Need

Nothing is worse than going through a time-consuming closet redesign project only to find out that you still don’t have enough space for all your items. Almost as frustrating is wrapping up the job and staring into a giant, empty cavern of a closet that’s much too large for your needs. You can avoid both problems by making an accurate and realistic assessment of your requirements before you begin.

When It Comes to Closet Storage, Specialized Beats General Purpose

Simply adding a few shelves or another rack to your closet is rarely sufficient for most homeowners these days. Take shoes, for example. Run-of-the-mill shelving won’t do the job nearly as well as shoe-specific units with cubbyholes intended specifically for footwear. The same is true for storing many other common items. So look for specific solutions to the challenges you face. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Appearance Isn’t Everything, But It’s Pretty Darn Important

Some people look at Williamsburg, VA home renovation projects through a purely utilitarian lens. Like it or not, though, we humans are visually oriented creatures. We care at least as much about beauty as we do about practicality. So make sure your closet redesign ideas match your standards for attractiveness, as well as functionality. Otherwise, you may end up scratching your head and saying, “What was I thinking?” And that’s never any fun.

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