Our home remodeling services are offered throughout the Yorktown and Newport News areas of Hampton Roads, VA. With over 45 years of experience in remodeling services, you can put your trust fully in our experience and knowledge.

home remodeling services

We take great care to ensure that each project is treated as if it was our own. Our leadership team inspects each project with a very careful eye, making sure that it meets our company standards. When you embark upon a project with us, we understand that you entrusting a piece of your home to us and want to make sure that you love the end product. Know that as we work on your home, we will work hard to keep a clean workspace and will be considerate of your time and space. A lot of our clients actually tell us that when we leave, we feel like family. That is truly our aim.

Click below to learn more about each of our home remodeling services.

Kitchen Remodeling – Our kitchen remodeling services begin with an initial call to determine your needs, then an on-site meeting to view and measure your space, and then some questions to determine your tastes and preferences. Once we have nailed this down, we will turn your dream into a viewable 3D rendering of the space. We will meet with you to go over this and then you can make any edits to the design as you see fit. After final approval, we proceed on with construction.

Bathroom Remodeling – Our bathroom remodeling services process is much like the process for a kitchen remodel, though the overall process is usually much shorter (depending on the size of your space).

Home Additions – Whether you want to add a porch, a mother-in-law suite, or anything else to your home, we can help. No project is too complicated for us. With 45 years under our belt, we can be sure we have pretty much done it all.

Sunroom Additions – When the cold of winter hits here in Virginia, none of us want to spend too much time outside, yet we still enjoy the sun shining in. We can help create a cheery and sunny space in your home perfect for relaxing, but without the cold weather of the outside.

Home Office Remodeling – With the pandemic forcing many workers to begin working remotely, the uptick in need for a dedicated home office rose. We can help adjust your home so it can accommodate your home office, whether that be rearranging walls or adding to the existing structure.