Sometimes smaller spaces demand simpler solutions to everyday design dilemmas, and the bathroom is no exception. However, don’t think for a second that simplifying your space will make it boring. On the contrary – sometimes simplicity forces you to get creative, resulting in a bathroom remodel that’s sure to wow your family and guests alike. So while you’re dreaming up your perfect, inviting bathroom remodel, Virginia residents, don’t get stuck trying to decide which walls to tear out – just keep it simple. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to add big drama to a small space using some of these simple ideas:

  1. Change Your Knobs and Pulls

The knobs and pulls on your bathroom drawers and cabinets play a bigger role in the overall aesthetic of your bathroom than you might think. They are a small design element that is often repeated several times within the space, and they are interacted with on a daily basis. You can invoke a modern feel by swapping out your generic pulls for stainless steel bar style pulls, or you can show off your unique personality with knobs shaped to reflect your interests. Animals, seashells, and nautical rope are just some of the many examples of novelty pulls. Think about the theme you want to express in your bathroom, and then come up with ways to support that theme with your knobs and pulls.

  1. Update Your Mirror

Many bathrooms feature a standard countertop-to-ceiling mirror. While this uninterrupted expanse of reflection can be useful for applying makeup or getting a close shave, it’s not exactly bursting with visual appeal. Adding a simple frame made of wood or metal can give a mirror added weight in the room and can connect it visually to the other design elements in the space.

  1. Give Your Shower Some Pizzazz

1IMG_4130Simple shower heads are a thing of the past. Now, in addition to helping you keep clean, shower heads can be programmed for a number of tasks such as massaging your scalp and neck, playing music, and even delivering aromatherapy. Multiple shower heads can create a 360-degree experience by working in unison to engulf your entire body in water. When plotting out your bathroom remodel in Virginia, don’t forget to research the different kinds of shower heads and the amenities they offer to add a little something extra when you’re lathering up.

  1. Create an Accent Wall

Many bathrooms feature small nooks for the toilet, the linen closet, or other necessities. Take advantage of these smaller walls by adding a bold accent that might be prohibitively difficult in a larger space. Wood planks, decorative wallpaper, or even chalkboard paint can transform a short or half wall into a statement that draws the entire bathroom together.

Sometimes the smallest renovations can have the biggest impact. In a space such as the bathroom, you may find that a little bit goes a long way. Get in touch with the professionals at Criner Remodeling by filling out this handy contact form. We would love to schedule a no-pressure consultation inside your home to determine how best to achieve your home remodeling dreams. Get in touch today, and you’ll be one step closer to the bathroom you’ve always wanted.