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Elevator Addition- Aging in Place Remodeling

Like with any man-made structure, a home doesn’t last forever, but if it’s done well, it should at least last a lifetime. The majority of homes in America are decades old; if they’re built structurally sound and regularly maintained, most could last for centuries. That’s an appealing notion for potential buyers wanting to invest, but many older people find that their homes become less livable over time. Aging in place remodeling readies a house for older occupants; making changes that will allow frailer people to live safely and comfortably. Often, homeowners concentrate on bathrooms, where the most dangerous falls tend to occur, but almost every room can benefit from aging in place remodeling.


From widening doorways for potential wheelchairs to installing grab bars throughout the home, this form of remodeling is all about thinking forward. “Preparing for the worst” sounds dire and fatalistic, which isn’t the purpose of aging in place remodeling at all. Aging is a fact of life. While backpackers and marathon runners might consider wheelchairs the end of a happy existence, older people realize they sometimes simple reality, not a doomed fate. A home that’s prepared for anything isn’t just safer but a wise investment. Once settled, people want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. If it’s ready for wheelchairs or just the normal slowing of age, they won’t have to leave a house for years. Adding an elevator shaft or moving a master bedroom downstairs might seem extreme when homeowners are young, but if it prepares a home for aging in place, it’s a smart remodeling decision.