147BreezePointDinning020_13Creating a modern and fresh kitchen space in your home can open up a world of new possibilities, from culinary adventures to harmonious family dinners and stress-free entertaining. How do you upgrade your kitchen while still keeping things livable and functional? Read on to learn our five tenets of modern kitchen remodel design.

  1. You Can’t Turn a Dog Into a Cat

Or something like that. What we mean is, when remodeling an existing kitchen, you will have to accept the limitations of your pre-existing space. If you’re dreaming of an open loft-style room with a breakfast nook, but actually own a galley kitchen, you may have to compromise.

  1. Embrace Open Space

Modern kitchens are all about natural light and expansive space, or at least the illusion of it. Capture this aesthetic by putting in a few windows and investing in mirrored or high-sheen surfaces, which will reflect light around the area. Ditch bulky drawer pulls and knobs for something sleek that will keep lines clean and flowing.

  1. The Only Thing Better Than Low-Fuss Is No Fuss

Planning a meal is already stressful. Design a kitchen that will help you do whatever you need to do, not get in your way.

  1. Thoughtful Details Make the Space

Chances are, no room in your house will quite match your kitchen. Embrace small opportunities with textiles, dishware, wall art, etc. to show off your personal style and break up that endless expanse of countertop.

  1. You Get What You Pay For

The Internet is awash with ingenious ways to save money by buying secondhand items or doing certain projects yourself. Many times, these “hacks” are useful for saving time and money, but there are some instances where it doesn’t pay to cut corners, one of them being kitchen appliances. While a remodeling expert can help you buy cheap décor, save yourself future headaches by skipping that secondhand dishwasher.

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