Really, there’s no such thing as a timeless house. A home structured and decorated in the latest groundbreaking design or style will still, at some point, become passé. To have a den in the sixties without shag carpet looked antiquated; to have the same shag carpet today looks just as outdated. Styles inevitably change, and staying current is a major impetus for remodeling your home. But you should never rush into anything. Before you begin planning or scheduling appointments with a contractor, you need to prioritize and decide what you want and need most out of remodeling. You might look at your house and declare that everything has to change, but until you have a concrete and ordered list of essential projects you can’t get the most out of remodeling your home.

No matter how much you dislike the rooms in your home, in all likelihood, a lot of them won’t need remodeling. Contractors know that most hallways and guestrooms can be amended with new décor—not major construction—which is good for your budget and timetable. Instead of scrapping everything, consider which homes would best be served with additions or restructuring.

Even the best home remodeling companies take significant time to do the job correctly, so decide early which projects you want them to tackle first. Whether it’s as specific as cabinets or as general as “the whole living room,” write down and prioritize projects for remodeling your home. You might be tempted to jump into things to get your dream home, but you’ll be more content in the long run if you take a little time to plan first.