It’s not just the upper Midwest states that install them. A recent study found heated floors are among the top ten most wanted home features, skyrocketing their popularity for small kitchen remodeling ideas. Efficient and comfortable, this method of heating instantly transforms the heart of your home into a cozy and affable place, and with the easy installation and higher property values, these floors should be considered for any remodeling project.


Most heated floor systems generate their power through meshes and coils interlinked in fiberglass rolls and mats. They conduct heat through the grout and thinset cement on which tile and stone is set, engineered to provide warmth even under a relatively thick layer of flooring. Once the kitchen has been cleared and the flooring removed, a grid of these mats is laid out and stapled down. Contractors install a heating sensor and then apply a 1/8” layer of thinset cement before retiling the floor; after a quick electrical hookup, the floor becomes tied to the thermostat and can begin heating the room immediately.

Since warm air rises, this method of heating works much more efficiently than ceiling vent pumping out hot air—a method that never actually warms the floor. Even in the dead of winter, you can enjoy your kitchen with bare feet, and the room will remain a central hub for socializing and family relations. The installation is simple, the cost remains minimal, and the benefits extend from comfort to a higher property value should you ever choose to sell your home. If these factors are appealing, you should definitely discuss heated floors with Criner Remodeling as you discuss your small kitchen remodeling ideas.

Floor heating can also be installed in your bathroom so your tootsies stay nice and warm on a cold winter morning.