We all have a bit of claustrophobia when we find ourselves enclosed in a small space. In a small kitchen, once you have moved appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and perhaps a dishwasher, the space can get cramped pretty quickly. Functional? Yes, but fun to work in when others are around? Not so much. With a small space like a kitchen, you have to be a bit of an illusionist when it comes to remodeling.

Small Kitchen Remodeling- Criner Hampton Roads

One of our small kitchen remodeling ideas is to create the illusion that the room is bigger and more spacious than it really is. For example, you should keep your cupboards at eye level. Having cupboards that go up to the ceiling, for instance, will seem to tower over you and thin the room in a big way. Besides, adding a step stool to the mix so you can reach items kind of defeats the purpose. However, that does not mean that too much clutter will help either. Minimize your “stuff” while you minimize the space.

Small Kitchen Remodeling- Criner Hampton Roads

Colors play an important role in determining how we perceive space. Lighter colors with accents of darker shades always work better than darker colors. Brighter colors also reflect light better, rather than absorbing it. Additionally, tiling certain walls can actually make the room appear larger. Many designers are using this trick to create a larger illusion in new projects.

Utilizing modular design in your kitchen products, as well as your kitchen cupboards, is key to maintaining a small space. Walk-in pantries are being replaced with roll-out pantries with a single door. They require less floor space and usually have a small shelf on top where you can put your microwave.

Whatever your small kitchen remodeling ideas, we can help you make them a reality.