Ready for a change? A bathroom shower remodel is the perfect time to update all of your existing fixtures and go with energy efficient models. Why? You can save both water and money by developing bathroom remodeling plans with the help of a certified remodeler.

Unfortunately, “energy efficient” and “environmentally-friendly” are two terms that get thrown around and misused quite a bit. For many years, consumers were at the mercy of the manufacturers when it came to the information about their products and how they fit in with other green or environmental items. Even if a showerhead was labeled and advertised as being a low-flow environmental model, it wasn’t necessarily an energy-efficient choice.

In 2006, the EPA launched a program called WaterSense to ensure that there would be a level playing field when it comes to so-called “green” products. The goal is to ensure that the water resources of our planet are protected by conservation as well as the use of efficient products.

For a homeowner or contractor seeking the most efficient models, all you need to do is find the WaterSense label on the product. When it has this label, it means that the product has undergone a thorough testing program. The main requirements are that the appliance has to perform better than other items on the market and be at least twenty percent more efficient. Companies are able to utilize the label on their products if they meet the criteria set forth by the EPA.

The two main areas for water conservation in your bathroom remodel plans are the showerhead and the toilet. With an efficient showerhead, you could save an average of 2,300 gallons of water each year. For the toilet, 4,000 gallons could be saved annually simply by switching to a WaterSense model.