Lifestyle changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have impacted home remodeling projects in Yorktown and across the country.  

For years, kitchens and bathrooms have been two of the most requested home remodeling projects. These areas of our homes can quickly become dated and even unfunctional, creating the need for renovations. Driven significantly by the influx of home remodeling shows (hello HGTV) and social media platforms like Pinterest, overall design trends have changed from year to year, but the most popular remodeling projects have remained the same. That is, until this year.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused 2020 to be anything but predictable and has affected nearly every facet of our lives. During this pandemic, Yorktown homes have transformed into hubs for work, school, and entertainment. As families spend more time at home, their homes need to become more functional. These new priorities have not only increased the demand for home remodeling during the pandemic but have influenced the type of home remodeling projects homeowners are seeking.

Home Remodeling Projects Gaining Popularity

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for these projects has increased in 2020.

  1. Home Offices
    Working from home began for many as a temporary solution; however, many companies are shifting to long-term remote work options. Now, more than ever, homeowners are prioritizing home offices to help establish a work-life balance and increase their productivity.
  2. Outdoor Living Spaces
    With limited entertainment options outside of the home, families have sought new ways to utilize their current space for entertainment purposes. Through pools, patios, and porches, outdoor upgrades create more livable space without the need to remodel a home’s interior.
  3. Home Additions
    After using every room in their houses for multiple purposes, families have chosen to upgrade their homes with an addition. Home additions are adaptable and can add extra space to suit each homeowner’s unique needs. Currently, trends in home additions include offices, playrooms, fitness areas, and virtual learning spaces.

Always Popular Home Remodeling Projects

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, these top projects have remained popular in 2020.

  1. Kitchens
    Kitchens have always been a gathering space in the home, which has only increased during the pandemic. As families spend less time eating out and more time creating meals at home, the demand for a more functional kitchen has continued to grow.
  2. Bathrooms
    Bathrooms have always been a popular home remodeling project, focusing on increasing functionality; however, many homeowners now desire an oasis at home and have upgraded their bathrooms to create a more tranquil and rejuvenating respite.

Your Next Home Remodeling Project
If your home needs help to adjust to your new lifestyle, contact Criner Remodeling. Whether you need more functionality or more space, we are here to help ensure your unique needs are met.