As we make the return to school in Yorktown and throughout Hampton Roads in the coming weeks, families are finalizing their educational plans. While deciding between virtual learning, in-person instruction, hybrid options, or transitioning to homeschooling fulltime is not easy, everyone is making the choice that is best suited for their family’s needs. Virtual learning and homeschooling in Yorktown have become attractive options for many; however, they come with a need to adapt.

From schedules to technology, families are working to find their new normal. While it might seem overwhelming and a bit chaotic, there are several things you can do around your home to help you adapt to your new virtual learning or homeschooling routine.

  1. Prepare your kitchen. Virtual learning and homeschooling in Yorktown mean more meals at home. Planning and preparing three meals a day plus snacks is time-consuming. Start by reorganizing your pantry and creating a snack/meal making station. Stock up on your family’s favorites in advance and keep them easily accessible to save time during meal/snack time during the day. Take a look at some more tips to help your kitchen get back-to-school ready.
  2. Revamp your kids’ bathroom. Even though your children may not be leaving the house, maintaining a routine is essential. Bathroom battles are often the biggest morning struggle. Help cut down on the chaos by adding a double vanity, creating more storage options, and decluttering to open up space.
  3. Create a separate space for learning. Whether you set up a temporary desk in the living room or renovate a spare bedroom, having a space dedicated entirely to homeschooling in Yorktown is the best way to help your children stay focused. This idea also applies if you find yourself working from home during this time. Create a collaborative workspace that allows for both you and your children to stay engaged during the school and workday. You can also apply these tips for setting up a home office to virtual learning and homeschooling environments.

When Adapting Requires a Remodel
Quick fixes aren’t always long-term solutions. As you and your family begin to adjust to virtual learning and homeschooling, you may find your home needs the help of a professional remodeler to adapt. At Criner Remodeling, we will work with you to create a personal plan for your remodel—one that perfectly suits your family’s needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your home adapt to your family’s changing lifestyle.