1IMG_3434Today’s bathroom remodeling plans focus on making what was once a cramped, utilitarian space a showplace of beauty and comfort. While exact features vary by tastes and needs, some of the most popular options people are asking for these days include the following:

  • Large, relaxing tubs – While hot tubs are still popular, more and more customers are asking for traditional oversized bathtubs, ones that they can lounge in while listening to relaxing music and pampering themselves with bath salts and beauty products. Classic claw-foot tubs are especially popular.
  • Letting the sunlight in – Frosted windows and extra lighting features are making master baths the brightest room in the home. The movement is towards making bathrooms light, airy, and inviting.
  • Bigger, better showers – Those who have been around for a while probably remember the micro-stalls that were once state-of-the-art for most bathrooms. Outside of passenger trains and submarines, such tiny enclosures have all but disappeared. Nowadays, shower areas are so spacious that it’s more appropriate to refer to them as “rooms.”
  • His and her sinks – With both men and women using a growing assortment of personal grooming products these days, it only makes sense for husband and wife to each have a sink. This allows both to get ready for work or other engagements as quickly as possible without constantly bumping into each other. This might be the most important part of your bathroom remodeling plans.
  • Better, stronger ventilation – The annoying “whirr” of old-fashioned restroom circulation fans is quickly being replaced by stronger units that keep condensation to an absolute minimum. These units are whisper-quiet, yet they make the bathroom a much more pleasant place to be, while extending the life of fixtures by reducing their contact with moisture.
  • TVs and small refrigerators – Believe it or not, many people are choosing to watch their favorite shows while relaxing in the tub. To meet this demand, remodelers are installing flat-screen televisions directly into the walls, with remotes and micro-fridges alongside the bathtub for the ultimate in convenience. Even audio systems and computers are becoming popular options among many luxury-minded persons.
  • Floor warmers – Who doesn’t hate walking around on cold tiles? Today, that problem can be banished forever, thanks to in-floor heating units that making traipsing about the lavatory a warm, comforting experience for the tootsies.
  • On-demand water heaters – Long popular in Europe, these environmentally-friendly devices have found their way across the Atlantic. They dispense with bulky, costly holding tanks by heating water as it flows through the pipes to faucets and shower heads. Along with offering big savings on utility bills, these products provide an endless supply of heated H2O on demand.
  • Toilets you can’t see – One of the advantages of public restrooms is the fact that they offer private stalls. Many homeowners want the same option in their home bathrooms, hence the growing popularity of commodes with side walls and sometimes even entrance doors to the enclosure.
  • Grab bars – Americans are not only living longer than ever before, they’re also choosing to stay in their homes as they age instead of moving to assisted-living facilities. This may explain why features like support bars, once only found in clinical settings, are appearing in private homes. Fortunately, newer designs bear little resemblance to the utilitarian ones of the past; in fact, they nicely complement most décor.


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