Marketing departments know that a person’s taste and style are not often independently developed. People chose their preferences through commercials, magazines, and the trends observed among their friends and coworkers. This isn’t to say no one has original ideas for their personal style, just that most ideas stem from the tastes and styles of others. It’s usually a subconscious decision, and few people can describe their style and taste on the spot. Really understanding your preferences takes research and focus, which is why tools and websites exist to guide home remodeling plans. Before you even set up an appointment with a contractor, it’s wise to create a few idea books to know, fully, the kind of home and style of design you want for yourself.


Criner Remodeling's Profile on

Criner Remodeling’s Profile on

Anyone who’s undertaken or observed a home remodeling project knows the overwhelming number of choices that face homeowners. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of tiles, carpets, and wood grains exist, which is to speak nothing of paints, counter-tops, and appliances. One of the most difficult aspects of home remodeling plans is simply weeding through endless pages of color samples and patterns. The work can be streamlined, though, if you already have an idea of the style you want to incorporate into your house.



Criner Remodeling on HouzzIdea books are online tools that let you browse through catalogs of images and paste the few that appeal most to you. Whether photographs of existing kitchens or standalone shower-heads, pictorial components of a whole house can be collected and pasted into these digital books. Instead of starting from nowhere, you can walk into a consultation with a firm idea of the kind of remodeling you want for yourself. Many of these websites exist, but Criner has a profile on, displaying past projects and answering questions to help your own home remodeling plans. You can look through our work with the link below and then create a profile to get started at discovering your personal taste!