How can I improve my outdoor living space? Read on to learn tips to help you transform your outdoor spaces.

Spring has officially sprung in Hampton Roads. Now that the weather has turned, there is no better place to enjoy a warm evening with friends, an outdoor family cookout, or a peaceful morning coffee surrounded by nature than your very own backyard. The only problem is you, like many homeowners, may have left your outdoor living space a little neglected during the winter months. If you are daydreaming about enjoying your outdoor spaces once again, you may be wondering, how can I improve my outdoor living space? Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your outdoor living space.       

  1. Clean it up: The first step to reclaiming your outdoor space is to clean it up. Start by clearing branches, leaves, trash, and other debris from your yard and gardens. If you have a patio, deck, or furniture, power washing or giving them a good cleaning will help your space be ready in no time.
  2. Work on your landscaping: Sometimes, a fresh-cut lawn, weeding, and new mulch are all it takes to transform your yard from blah to beautiful. Survey what flowers and plants survived (or didn’t survive) the winter to see where you can add some more blooms. This will help to freshen up your landscaping while creating an inviting space.
  3. Refresh your furniture and decor: If your outdoor furniture and decor have seen better days, you should consider replacing them with new pieces. Not only will adding new chairs, couches, tables, etc., rejuvenate your space, but it will also motivate you to utilize (and upkeep) your space more often.
  4. Create a designated entertaining area: One of the main reasons everyone loves outdoor living spaces is because it creates more livable space. You can improve your space exponentially by carving out an area specifically for entertaining. This can easily be achieved by adding a variety of outdoor furniture, or you can step it up with a fire pit or fireplace, a patio, or an outdoor kitchen.
  5. Invest in a remodel: If you want to create your ideal outdoor living space, it may be best to remodel it versus making minor improvements. With a complete remodel, you can create a functional space that meets your unique wants and needs by adding an outdoor kitchen, deck, patio, pergola, fire pit, or outdoor fireplace (or a mixture of all!).

If your outdoor living space needs a major overhaul, consider transforming your space with a complete remodel. With the help of a professional contractor like Criner Remodeling, you can begin enjoying your space in no time. During our more than 45 years in the industry, we have created numerous beautiful outdoor living spaces in Yorktown and Newport News. Not sure where you want to begin? We’ve got you covered. Check out our gallery for some inspiration, and then contact our team to learn how our professionals can help you take full advantage of your space.