It is hard to believe, but another back-to-school season is upon us in York County, Yorktown, Hampton, and Newport News. You’ve tackled the supply list, packed the book bags, and have mapped out the new routine. You’re ready; the kids are ready— but is your kitchen ready?

Kitchens are often the heart of a home and its chaos. During the school year, they morph into gathering places, snack spots, and homework hubs. Help conquer the chaos and get your kitchen back-to-school ready with these simple suggestions.

Declutter the space.
Back-to-school can flood your kitchen with everything from paperwork to lunchboxes. Get ahead of the clutter by taking time to organize your kitchen now. Start by trashing or donating items you don’t use and incorporating storage solutions. Learn about more ways you can declutter, reorganize, and reclaim your kitchen.

Create a snack and lunch making station.
A designated snack and lunch making station in your kitchen can simplify meal prep and put an end to the constant “What do we have to eat?” question. Stock a shelf in the pantry, a cabinet, or a separate food station with easy-to-grab snacks like granola bars, fruit, and chips. Just make sure it is low enough and easy enough for the kids to access.

Add a chalkboard or whiteboard.
A chalkboard or white board is a great way for your family to stay-in touch during the hustle and bustle of the week. Use it to display the week’s menu, upcoming schedule, important reminders, or encouraging words.

Create a homework station.
Between homework and dinner prep, afterschool can be a busy time. By designating a special homework station, (a section of the kitchen island, counter or table will do) your kids can focus on their homework while you take care of other tasks like preparing dinner. You are easily accessible to help and their work is contained to a specific area. It’s a win-win for controlling the chaos.

Designate a display area.
From art projects to team photos to great grades, there is no shortage of items to put on display. A special display area can help keep things from piling up in other areas, while also helping your kids take pride in their accomplishments. Try designating a space on the chalkboard or white board or creating a new area on one of the walls out of corkboards.

Is your kitchen not making the grade? Criner Remodeling can help! Our team of local, Hampton Roads professionals can create a personalized kitchen to meet your family’s needs. If you’re ready to transform your kitchen this school year, contact our team to schedule your consultation.