Why put off your home remodeling plans any longer? Now is the time to act before interest rates go up. Criner can help by creating a customized proposal for your consideration. Our people have the training, the tools, and the passion for customer service to make your dreams come true. Here are a few home remodeling plans to get you thinking.

An All-New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. More than just a place to prepare food, it’s where the family gathers to chat, relax, and talk about the experiences of their day. Yet, this all-important area can become painfully cramped and out of date. Let our Criner experts show you how easy it is to transform your kitchen into a spacious, inviting place you’ll love spending time in.

A Remodeled Basement

Ever think of getting more use out of your basement? You can turn that seldom-used place into a family room, workshop, spare bedroom, or anything you like when you trust the job to Criner’s expertise. Not only will this make your home more livable, it can dramatically increase its value.

A Bathroom Your Neighbors Will Envy

One of the biggest sources of complaint for homeowners is their bathrooms. Why keep around obsolete features like cramped shower stalls, tiny medicine cabinets, single-user sinks, and icy-cold floors when Criner can transform your restroom into an oasis of luxurious comfort? Contact us today to find out how.

A Mudroom or Sunroom

There is no reason to put up with muddy floors or gloomy winter days when a mudroom or sunroom can add quality to your life and value to your home. Make February as bright and sunny as July, spend less time mopping up messes, and enjoy the convenience of added storage with a mudroom or sunroom addition from Criner.

Your options for home remodeling plans are limited only by your imagination. So, don’t put off your dreams any longer. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.