The benefits of home exterior remodeling go far beyond simple curb appeal; updating the outside look of your home can greatly increase your property value, which puts more money in your pocket should you decide to sell. Here are some design-conscious and budget-friendly ways to remodel your home’s exterior.

Replace Your Siding

If your home exterior has become discolored or damaged or even if it just looks a little dated, then it is probably time to upgrade. Stucco offers a smooth, clean look, while vinyl siding offers a wealth of color and texture choices.

Add a Portico

A portico, which is a small porch or colonnade extending over your front door, can add visual interest to an otherwise flat facade. Be sure to choose shapes and colors that either blend in with or accent the existing structure of your home’s exterior.

Invest in a Custom Door

In many ways, your front door is your home’s first impression. When planning your home exterior remodeling, it makes sense to invest a little more money to have a front door that speaks to your personal style. Make an impact by choosing a bold color, or let some light in with inlaid glasswork. Be creative!

Upgrade Your Windows

Divided or inlaid windows instantly break up the space on your home’s exterior while providing order and pattern. If modern is more your style, then seamless windows can update your home while adding lots of natural light.

Everything’s in the Details

Sometimes the smallest additions can make the biggest impact. Window boxes, exterior light fixtures and even your choice in paving stones can transform the look of your house and add value to your property.

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