Home Addition Cost: Get Your Money’s Worth

Finding out how much your dream home addition cost can be a hard pill to swallow, and it may even require you to refinance or use equity in your home to pay for it. With thousands of dollars on the line — and potentially, your credit hanging in the balance — shouldn’t you do all you can to make sure it’s worth it? To maximize your investment and get the absolute most for your dollars?

Here are a few ways you can do just that and make your home addition cost well worth the investment in the long run:

Make sure it increases your home value.

The best way to ensure your home addition cost is worth it is to make sure it increases your home value and will give you additional profits when it comes time to sell. Ideally, you want it to increase your home value as much as the addition cost you to put in (that way, it pays for itself). If it can deliver beyond that, even better!

Work with professional builders and designers.

You might fancy yourself a great DIYer or budding interior designer, but you’re best leaving a home addition to the pros. For one, they can ensure your space is on par with current trends (and will remain that way for the foreseeable future). They can also make sure everything is done properly and per code. If it’s not, it could cost you more to repair in the end.

See your materials in person.

Once construction has started, there’s no going back — and refinishing, re-facing, or re-doing anything is going to cost you. Avoid adding to your home addition cost more than you need to by seeing, touching, and feeling your proposed materials before construction begins. Go with your designer or builder, and sign off with them in person to be extra safe.

Criner Can Help

Want to make sure your home addition cost is well worth it in the end? Contact Criner Remodeling. Our experienced team can help you create a space that boosts your home value and makes the best use of your money possible. Call us today to schedule a consultation.