Whether you live locally in Newport News or half way across the world in Japan, you’ve probably heard of the latest organizational craze, KonMari. Created by organizational expert Marie Kondo, this tidying method can be employed in any area of your house, including your kitchen.

Kitchens are notorious for being disorganized and dysfunctional. Their number one design flaw? Inadequate storage. Kitchen tables are covered in mail and homework, cabinets are overflowing, and need we mention the catchall junk drawer? However, with a few KonMari inspired storage solutions, you can reclaim your kitchen in no time.

  1. Trash or donate items you don’t use. Go through your kitchen appliances, utensils, cookbooks, etc. and get rid of what you no longer use. This will instantly free up space in your kitchen.
  2. Drawer inserts can turn even the most disorderly drawer into a functional space. Use them to keep everything from your utensils to spices within easy reach.
  3. Wire baskets are a versatile solution for any kitchen pantry. Use them to store a variety of items from loose produce to bags of chips.
  4. Food storage containers allow you to easily see what is in your pantry and cabinets, while keeping your food fresh longer. They are also easier to keep organized and take up less space than most item’s original packaging.
  5. Shelves inside shelves help maximize cabinet storage. Create custom and accessible spaces with the shelves to meet your storage needs.
  6. Lazy Susans can be used to keep multiple areas of your kitchen organized including your cabinets, pantry and even your refrigerator. The turntable functionality provides both visibility and accessibility.

Time for a Remodel?
Sometimes even the best organizational tips can’t solve your kitchen’s design issues and a remodel is the best solution. Our team can create a customized kitchen design to meet your unique needs. If you’re ready for your kitchen to spark joy, contact the Criner Remodeling team today.