Finding the right home improvements contractors means doing a little homework. After all, you and your family will be living with the results of your choice for years, perhaps decades to come. Fortunately, choosing the best company for your needs is easy when you keep the following tips in mind:

  • Look for a well-established firm with a long history in your area. While many great startups are launched every year, nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes from using an established firm with a track record for quality results. In our area, the name “Criner” is synonymous with the very highest standards in the construction and remodeling industry.
  • Ask for references. All reputable home improvements contractors are happy to refer you to past customers who were delighted with their work. Avoid using any company that refuses this very reasonable request.
  • Choose a company with the appropriate licensing and insurance requirements. This is vital for both your protection and your long-term satisfaction with the project. Criner holds respected, industry-recognized credentials. So you can feel good about trusting our company with your remodeling and home addition needs.
  • Ask many questions. It’s important to find home improvements contractors who understand your vision for the project. The small amount of time you invest will more than pay for itself with your continued satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • Look for a company that displays professionalism in everything it does. Company uniforms, marked company vehicles, regular office hours, a website, a commercial headquarters building, and courteous demeanor are all positive signs.

One way to make sure you’re happy with your choice is to select Criner Remodeling. We’ve built a rock-solid reputation as one of the leading home improvements contractors in the area. Call us today at 757-868-6200 to find out more or to arrange your free quote.