While it often feels like we can experience all four seasons within a week or sometimes even within a few hours here in Hampton Roads, the signs that fall is finally here are all around. Most homeschooling in Yorktown has begun, the temperature is starting to drop, and pumpkin spice flavored everything is back in stock. Now is the perfect time for York County homeowners to being fall home maintenance projects. By being proactive in the fall, you can ensure your home is ready for winter—whenever it decides to arrive.

Follow these fall home maintenance tips for your York County home, and you will be prepared to handle the unpredictable weather of Hampton Roads before the temperature drops.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Your York County Home office’s Exterior

  1. Trim your trees. Low-hanging branches can pose a risk to your home, especially your roof. Winter storms can bring ice and snow that can cause branches to break under the added weight. Taking time to trim them now means less to worry about later.
  2. Clean your gutters. After all the leaves have finally fallen, take time to clean out your gutters. Clogs can cause drainage issues, which can lead to water infiltration and roof damage.
  3. Thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home. Take time to look at your roof, siding, and foundations for damage. Checking the exterior of your home now will allow plenty of time to seek professional assistance if repairs are needed. The colder weather also brings small critters looking for warm homes. This inspection will help you see if there are any gaps you need to fill to prevent your home from becoming a wildlife hotel.
  4. Check your outdoor lights. Once we “fall back,” the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Be sure your outdoor lights are working correctly and replace bulbs or batteries as needed. If you do not have outdoor lighting or if it is not sufficient, now is the perfect time to add it. A well-lit home exterior can help you and your family avoid slipping on black ice.
  5. Shut off exterior faucets and drain/detach hoses. Do this BEFORE the temperatures fall below freezing to prevent pipes from freezing.
  6. Fix cracks in your driveway and steps. When water collects in cement cracks and freezes, it can expand them and cause even more damage. Save yourself from this domino effect this winter by filling in any noticeable gaps on your driveway or steps with a sealer during the fall.
  7. Bring your outdoor furniture indoors. Fall and winter in Hampton Roads can be unpredictable, but whether it is rain or snow, this time of the year is always wet. Increase the longevity of your outdoor furniture by storing it inside while it is not in use.
  8. Stock up on winter supplies. Don’t wait until the first ice or snowstorm is on the way. Take inventory of your current equipment and stock up on essentials, like shovels and ice melt, before winter arrives. While everyone else is rushing to the store to fight over the last shovel, you can safely enjoy watching the snowfall from the comfort of your home.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Your York County Home’s Interior

  1. Add weather stripping. Applying weather stripping around doors and windows can help the cold air from entering your home and the warm air from escaping. Thus, keeping you comfortable all winter long while also lowering your energy use.
  2. Check your interior safety devices. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors annually (at minimum) to ensure they are in working order. And what better a time to check them than when you are already crossing items off your home maintenance to-do list?
  3. Schedule maintenance for your heating system. Have a professional evaluate your system and ensure it is working correctly before you need to switch on the heat fulltime. Performing routine maintenance during season changes can help you avoid costly repairs.
  4. Clean your dryer vents. Clogged dryer vents are a common cause of house fires. Static electricity increases during the fall and winter and can easily ignite a buildup of lint. Seek a professional’s help if you don’t feel comfortable doing this task on your own.

Beyond Fall Home Maintenance
If you want to tackle more than these fall home maintenance tips this season, contact Criner Remodeling today. Our team of professionals is ready to help you achieve your fall and winter home remodeling goals.