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Virginia home remodeling is expensive. We at Criner Remodeling can’t avoid that fact, but we can tell our clients they can do something to change it. Materials, general labor, and design fees all create a hefty portion of any renovation budget, but there’s another expense that’s growing and shows no signs of stopping: costs accrued from government regulations. Most laws get passed with good intentions, often to protect citizens, but many of them become an unnecessary burden on businesses and their customers. Criner Remodeling strives to provide the best services as cost-effectively as possible, and every homeowner can help them reduce Virginia home remodeling costs by writing to their Congressman.

You can find examples in just about any renovation project: minor policies, certain standards, and various regulations have infiltrated every aspect of the Virginia home remodeling business. Some are ecologically sensible, protecting homeowners, contractors, and the earth in general, but others set unnecessary guidelines that can automatically double a project’s cost. Chimney siding, for instance, will often contain lead if it’s on an older home. The OSHA requires all remodelers to wear safety harnesses—even on one-story homes—and the EPA demands they follow a strict process of removing the lead paint. Since the only goal is to replace siding, those doubled costs seem ludicrous, but homeowners can combat them. Our representative government still seeks the voice of citizens, and Congressmen are always eager to please their constituents. Writing letters and e-mails to your local representative has a tangible effect on these costs. It might take time, and persistence, but together remodelers and their clients can dramatically reduce the costs of renovations.