People decide to go with a certified green professional for a variety of reasons. Some have always felt a conviction to preserve natural habitats; others understand that the less energy they consume, the cheaper their bills are at the end of the month. Whether they’re motivated to protect the planet or save money on utilities ultimately has the same effect: the earth’s natural resources are conserved. As economists predict that utilities like coal-powered electricity, natural gas, and even water will soar hugely in cost in the coming years, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to use less. Remodeling has allowed thousands of people to save money and the planet by reducing a home’s consumption of resources. Whatever reason you have to conserve the planet, a certified green consultant can help make your home more efficient for the long run.

A certified green professional isn’t about switching to wind-powered energy sources or installing solar panels on your roof. Those things are certainly green, but they’re decisions and installations, not forms of restructuring your home. A certified green consultant knows the materials, appliances, and construction techniques that will more subtly but perhaps more powerfully make a house efficient. At Criner, we’re experts in finding and installing appliances that use less water, fixtures that consume less energy, and insulation that allows less heat to escape. We accommodate each client’s needs to find the best materials for their green home. None of them are as obvious as a huge solar installation across your roof, but they still have a tremendous effect at conserving natural resources, which saves the earth and money on electric bills.