Kermit the Frog sang a song called “It’s not easy being green”, where he laments the trials of being the color of the leaves, but in the end, green is the color of spring, a tree, or a layer of soft grass.  Well, being a certified green building professional isn’t easy either, and it too is much more than a color.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has made a commitment for its professional members to respond to the demands of customers, government, and members by creating a national green home certification system and an education track and certification process for its members.

In February of 2008, the NAHB unveiled the NAHBGreen suite of services. They state: “NAHBGreen is a comprehensive set of educational resources, advocacy tools, a credible green standard, and referrals to a national green home certification system by the NAHB Research Center, a qualified and independent third party. Collectively, these offerings help home builders anywhere build green.”

Many builders and remodeling professionals have responded to the program and became certified through the NAHB education and certification program shortly after it was unveiled. Professionals like Robert Criner, Founder of Criner Remodeling in Virgina, worked diligently to earn recognition as a certified green building professional, so they could respond to consumer demand for cost effective, green solutions, and utilizing green principles in design and construction.

Robert says, “it is vital for a professional to know what it means to build in green terms and not just talk about green because it is a popular subject in the media”. The NAHB certification programs, and the many college and university courses that are dedicated to the utilization of green, renewable, and sustainable standards, are the only acceptable credentials for a builder espousing green. Make sure your builder not only talks green, but knows green too.

More information about NAHB’s green initiatives can be found at as well as You can also learn more from your local homebuilders association. You can reach Robert Criner and talk about green certification and building ideas by calling Criner Remodeling at 757-868-6200, or at their website at