Great kitchen remodel design concerns itself with both form and functionality, resulting in a space that fills many household needs while meshing with the design scheme of the entire house. Below are a few recent examples of great kitchen remodels featured on to help you find inspiration for your own project.

This black and white updated kitchen appears classic and bold with luxurious details such as marble countertops and glass-fronted cabinets for ease of organization. The centerpiece is the unexpected use of a round table, topped with the same marble as the countertops, serving as the kitchen’s island.

This kitchen remodel proves you can create a contemporary space without sacrificing color. The green and blue mosaic backsplash extends up to the ceiling, creating a wallpaper effect that complements the rich wood and stone motif throughout the rest of the room.

Just because you’re working with a galley kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style to save space. A galley makeover could feature taller cabinetry to maximize storage, bright lighting to avoid dark corners, and lighter colors to make the space feel bigger.

Slim profile drawer pulls and a smooth wood finish help this kitchen remodel keep a minimalistic appearance. The barstools are the centerpiece of this kitchen, with their gleaming chrome finish serving as the standout of the space.

Finally, here’s a kitchen remodel that relies on strategically placed overhead lighting and rich, natural wood to create a warm and comforting atmosphere. This kitchen remodel design brings to mind what people love most about spending time in this important family center.

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