Last month, The 2012 Kitchen and Bath Show was held in Chicago, and several new innovations were unveiled; this year was no disappointment.  The show is an inspiring, interactive showcase of everything new, where the brightest and best assemble to spot trends, experience product introductions and find the practical solutions and valuable connections that will take them into the future with custom kitchen remodeling and much more.

We will highlight a few of the exciting Kitchen and Bath offerings below. The first one is something we want to talk about that could be used anywhere in the home or office: the U-Socket.

U-socket- Criner Remodeling



Designed to reduce energy costs dramatically, the U-Socket ( has a five-star energy-efficient design that automatically senses the required wattage and outputs full power only if something is connected. Homeowners can recharge their smart phones, tablets, and laptops without using the AC power plug-ins, increasing the functionality of the outlet. The two USB ports provide 12W of charging power to quickly re-charge most devices.






Moen MotionSense- Criner RemodelingMoen MotionSense


Moen’s MotionSense kitchen faucet features two motion sensors — one at the base of the unit and one at the top of the faucet — that allow homeowners to activate the faucet with a wave of the hand in one of the two sensing zones. Any custom kitchen remodeling should include a touch of innovation, don’t you think?



Recycled Glass Countertops- Criner RemodelingRecycled Glass Countertops, Flooring, Landscaping, and Décor

Do you ever wonder what happens to all that glass you painstakingly recycle? Glass Recycled ( converts recycled glass and porcelain bound for the landfill into elegant, sustainable, and ecological hard surfaces for the kitchen and bathroom.


Modono Glass Sink- Criner Remodeling BlogModono Glass Sinks and Tile


All of the offerings in Modono’s sink and tile line ( are made of dichroic glass, which changes color and luster depending on the angle. Sinks can be under-mounted, over-mounted, or inset, and come in four different shapes. Both sinks and tile are available in a wide variety of colors.



Kitchen Palette Interchangeable Backsplash- Criner Remodeling



Kitchen Palette Interchangeable Backsplash


Ever thought about changing your backsplash to suit your mood or seasonal event? Kitchen Pallette ( has come up with an interchangeable option for your custom kitchen that fits behind a standard cooktop or range; it has a printed palette that can be changed with ease.







Kohler VibrAcoustic Bath tub- Criner Remodeling BlogKohler VibrAcoustic


Kohler’s VibrAcoustic technology essentially turns your bathtub into a stereo system — subwoofer and all. Simply plug in your iPod or other music player and bathe to the beats of your favorite tunes. You can also stream your music wirelessly. Just remember, the longer you soak, the more you may shrivel.



Danze Air Injection Showerhead- Criner RemodelingDanze Air Injection Showerhead


Danze ( isn’t the first to integrate air injection into its showerheads, but the company claims its take on the technology improves performance and the shower experience. Instead of placing the air intake at the front edge of the showerhead, Danze developed an Air Injection Ball Joint located at the unit’s base. The result is an air-assisted water stream that is a high-powered yet soft spray – the highlight of any bath remodel.



Lutron Cellular Shades- Remote Controlled- Criner Remodeling BlogLutron Remote Controlled Shades


The Serena model, battery operated shades from Lutron (, may be adjusted whether manually or with the remote control. They can also be programmed to different settings. These innovative shades can be used in many areas of the household, but in custom kitchen remodeling, the remote controlled shades would be the talk of any dinner party. Each slide operates on 3 standard D cell batteries and has an estimated lifespan of three years.


There are many more innovations that are being introduced by kitchen and bath manufacturers throughout the year. Make sure you discuss the latest product innovations when you meet with your designer. Criner Remodeling has the design and construction expertise required for any of your remodeling projects and will strive to make your ideas and dreams become reality.


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