Should Kitchen Remodeling Plans Include Appliance Upgrades?

KelCrinerRemodeling_7aIt is easy to only focus on the big picture when making kitchen remodeling plans. We tend to imagine the space as a whole first before searching for little details inside that vision. Unfortunately, when working from big to small, it is all too simple to lose sight those details. For example, you may have already decided you did not want to replace your dishwasher (it runs fine, after all), but that was before you fell in love with this sleek, all-chrome oven and stovetop. Now your perfectly fine dishwasher will stick out like a sore thumb. Kitchen appliances walk a complicated line between aesthetics and function. Sometimes, your kitchen needs run counter to your design vision. It ultimately begs the question: Are appliance upgrades part of kitchen remodeling plans? Here are a few ways you can integrate appliance upgrades into your kitchen remodel.

Sometimes you simply want to change the look of your kitchen, which necessitates upgrading your appliances, but just as often, the opposite is true. Let’s say your stovetop doesn’t heat as evenly as it once did, or your small and cozy sink can’t handle the onslaught of dishes as your family grows. Many homeowners take the chore of upgrading their kitchen appliances as an opportunity to makeover that entire space. It is amazing what a set of coordinated, on-trend appliances can do for your kitchen!

When making your own kitchen remodeling plans, make sure your appliances do not get left out. With experts like those at Criner Remodeling, you can be sure no detail of your new kitchen will go overlooked. Give us a call today at (757) 868-6200 to schedule your own free in-home consultation or to go over any questions with a professional member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Won’t Bust Your Budget

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, space is both your number one priority and your number one constraint. While it’s easy to daydream about knocking down a wall or two and magically creating enough floor space for an island or a breakfast nook, the reality is that in many homes, this is simply not possible. Luckily, with the right home remodeling team, there are many creative and affordable solutions for giving your little kitchen a big makeover. Here are a few innovative small kitchen remodel ideas that won’t break the bank.


Pull Out Spice Rack

Add Sliding Storage

Innovative storage solutions, such as sliding storage, are much cheaper than completely overhauling your cabinetry and can really open up a small kitchen by freeing up counter space. Small kitchen remodel ideas like sliding spice racks, lid holders, and cleaning caddies can make organization a breeze. Look for underutilized spaces next to the fridge, above the stove, or corner cabinets.

Go for a Monochromatic Theme

We all know what a big difference color makes in our homes, especially in smaller rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. An amazingly simple way to transform such an area into a luxury space is to coordinate everything in a silver color. White is a typical choice, but hard to maintain. If you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to let the color of your existing kitchen appliances dictate your overall scheme. If your appliances are chrome, consider painting your walls and cabinetry a single neutral color and embellishing with metallic accents wherever possible.

A. Tatum PhotographyGo Bold With Your Backsplash

If there’s no room in your budget for a floor-to -ceiling paint job or brand new countertops, don’t worry. You can still add a strategic pop of color and reinvigorate your kitchen with new backsplash. A fun mosaic pattern looks intricate and expensive, while in reality, the tiles come prearranged in interlocking sections. You can feel free to express yourself with exciting designs and colors while the existing neutral palette of your kitchen keeps things in balance.

Consider Glass Front or No Front Cabinets

Cabinets are often front and center in many small kitchen remodel ideas. They are a necessary part of any functional kitchen, but they also cut out a great deal of area in the room. Reclaim some of that space visually by replacing or removing the doors on your cabinets. Glass fronted or open air cabinets give the illusion of a taller, more open kitchen.

Are you interested in implementing some of these small kitchen remodel ideas into your renovation plans? The experts at Criner Remodeling can help. Visit our website to view our gallery of past designs, or browse our impressive list of awards and accreditations. You can also fill out our contact form to get in touch with a member of our team, who will be happy to answer any questions or even schedule a no-pressure home consultation with one of our designers. Don’t let a cramped, drab kitchen bring down the value of your house. Get in touch with Criner today!

Love to Entertain? How Kitchen Remodeling Services Can Help

Hampton Roads Kitchen Remodel by Criner RemodelingEntertaining at home can be a rewarding experience or a total nightmare if you and your kitchen are unprepared. Cooking a dinner for multiple guests, as well as preparing drinks, encouraging conversation, and handling the cleaning tasks, is often too much for a typical family kitchen to bear. However, if you have your heart set on being the number one host amongst your friends, never fear: a skilled home builder can recommend and implement the proper kitchen remodeling services you need to get your home ready for the party season. Read on to learn which services will help transform your kitchen and your social life.

If you plan on having a kitchen with high foot traffic, whether for entertaining or otherwise, consider investing in handle-free cabinetry. Doors and drawers that open with a push create a seamless look, which really opens up the space. Additionally, it saves your guests’ legs from being knocked against protruding door pulls and handles. Another investment to consider for entertaining is specialized appliances. A wine cooler set into an island helps guests know where to gather and also frees up space in the fridge. Also, consider warming drawers, which act like the warm function on your oven, without you actually having to use it. Finally, make sure you provide seating, either around an island or in a nook, to keep your guests comfortable and away from hot appliances.

Turn your kitchen into a dream entertaining space with the help of the kitchen remodeling services experts at Criner Remodeling. Simply give us a call today at (757) 868-6200 to get the ball rolling on your renovation project. A team member is standing by to answer your questions and help you schedule a free in-home consultation, where one of our licensed home remodelers can evaluate your space and discuss your ideas. Take advantage of the cooling temperatures and get started on your kitchen remodel today!

A Certified Remodeler Can Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Do you daydream about giving your house a makeover? Maybe you spend hours perusing Pinterest or binge-watching home improvement shows on Netflix? No matter how you’re spending your time, one thing is clear: it’s time to get to work sprucing up your property. Proper home remodeling can extend the life of your home, increase your property values, and improve your quality of life. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to go the DIY route, and end up creating more work for the professionals they are eventually forced to hire. If you choose to go with a certified remodeler from the beginning, you have a much better chance of being satisfied with the end result.

Certified remodelers like the ones at Criner Remodeling have the skill and the experience necessary to achieve your goals. Many DIY home remodelers think they can handle the job themselves by watching an online tutorial or checking out a few books from the library, but what they fail to realize is that making major changes to your home relies on many factors, including foundation, structure, building materials, and electrical and plumbing pathways, not to mention zoning laws and legal considerations. Hiring a certified remodeler means you can find out in the beginning which ideas are plausible, and which ideas would require a whole new house in order to work. Don’t wait until there’s a hole in the side of your property to discover that adding a new deck or pool just isn’t in the cards.

Finding and hiring the right certified remodeler to execute your vision is as easy as clicking a button. Simply use the contact form on our website, and we will be happy to assist you. With several decades of experience serving homeowners in the Virginia Beach area, Criner Remodeling has the expertise necessary to turn your vision into reality. Get in touch today: you’ve got nothing to lose but time.

Williamsburg, VA General Contractor: What to Expect When Working with Yours

While some homeowners like to take a hands-off approach when it comes to working with a contractor, others know that in order to get the best results, they must treat their home renovation contractor more like a partner. After all, it’s their home that will be modified and where they must live after the project is complete. If you have a big remodeling project coming up and you’re feeling anxious, simply read through these real world tips for how to work with your Williamsburg, VA general contractor to get the best results possible.

You’ll find things go more smoothly from the get-go if you plan for everything – and we mean literally everything. Try to nail down specific items and their prices before work begins. That way, you won’t be stuck making hard decisions in the middle of renovating. Also, having a clear and vetted plan ahead of time allows your contractor to focus on more important issues as they arise.

Set up specific times to go over the project with your contractor. You should strive for a good working relationship where you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. If you don’t, you may end up with a final project with which you feel less than pleased.

Finally, keep an eye on the numbers. If there are substantial changes happening, make sure to write them down as you hear about them. It can be easy to say yes to a change in the moment, but those small differences can really add up in the look and price of your final product.

One of the best ways to feel comfortable with your Williamsburg, VA general contractor is to check them out for yourself. That’s why we encourage all clients and potential clients to peruse our website. You can view our numerous accreditations, read testimonials from previous clients, and see pictures of past projects. If you like what you see, go ahead and fill out a contact form located here to get in touch with a home remodeling expert, usually the same day.

Want to Baby-proof Your Property? Our Home Remodeling Specialists Can Help

Welcoming a new family member into your home is a common reason why many homeowners choose to remodel their properties. Parenthood can be stressful enough without having to constantly chase after your little ones to usher them away from the less safe areas of your home. The key to baby-proofing your property the right way is to hire home remodeling specialists who can help your home transition alongside your child. From creating a safe and relaxing atmosphere for an infant, to an exciting and stimulating space for a toddler, to an inviting and fun play area for a child, home remodeling experts like the ones at Criner Remodeling can help you transform your house into a kid-friendly home.

Many baby proofing remodel ideas come from the need to keep your baby inside certain spaces and out of others. Consider installing Dutch doors, which split around waist height. You can open just the top portion of a Dutch door, allowing you to see out into the rest of the house while keeping little ones safely inside. These doors can also help if you have a pet in the house who needs to be supervised when interacting with their new family member.

Another great baby-friendly home remodeling idea is to install safety outlets throughout your home. Electrical outlets are a necessity, but they are dangerous to babies and pets, often being positioned low to the ground. Rather than buying clunky outlet covers, talk to your remodeler about installing child safe outlets, which use a shutter system that prevents your child from sticking anything into one side of the socket.

Are you looking to hire the right home remodeling specialists for your baby proofing projects? The experts at Criner Remodeling can help. Simply fill out our contact form, and a team member will get back to you as quickly as possible. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the remodeling process or to schedule a time to go over your ideas in person. Get in touch today, and create a home you can feel confident bringing your little one home to.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling: 4 Sink Styles Trending in 2015

When it comes to custom kitchen remodeling, it’s often the little choices that have the most impact. Therefore, it’s important not to cut corners or rush through decisions when discussing your options with your home builder. After all, you want to end up with a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional. To give you some ideas, here are four sink styles that are trending in 2015.

  1. KegCrinerRemodeling_5aUtilitarian

Many homeowners who are building or custom kitchen remodeling in 2015 choose to go with sinks that perform a variety of functions. In addition to a simple faucet and garbage disposal, many of today’s sinks come with built-in and adjustable cutting boards, strainers, and drying racks to cut down on prep and cleaning.DeCrinerRemodeling_9

  1. Undermount

Undermount sinks are installed underneath your countertop, rather than having a lip that sits on top of it. This style complements many modern interiors by providing a seamless look to the counters. It also makes cleaning up after prep extremely easy: just sweep crumbs directly into the sink.SmaCrinerRemodeling_3

  1. Apron

Apron sinks, also called farmhouse sinks, exploded onto the remodeling scene with the rise of shabby chic, and seem set to outlast that particular fad. Homeowners enjoy the functionality of the deep, single basin sink that can easily hold a Thanksgiving dinner’s worth of pots and pans.KegCrinerRemodling_5

  1. Bar/Prep

Many homeowners who are remodeling their existing kitchens choose to supplement their existing sink with a smaller prep sink. After all, who hasn’t attempted to fill a saucepan or rinse vegetables all while trying to avoid the growing mountain of dirty dishes occupying the sink below? With a prep sink, you gain a second water source that’s easy to access and keep clean.

Thinking of giving your kitchen sink a new lease on life? Are you interested in some of the styles discussed above? Give the home building experts at Criner Remodeling a call at (757) 868-6200. Our friendly and professional team is on hand to discuss your ideas and lay out a custom kitchen remodeling plan that works for you.

4 Things to Ask When Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor

KegCrinerRemodeling_1If you’re looking to hire a home improvement contractor in the coming months, there are a few things you need to know first. Read on to learn four important questions every homeowner should ask their contractor before signing on the dotted line.

Ask for an In-Home Consultation

Call your potential home improvement contractor, and ask if you can schedule a meeting in your home. It is imperative that you and the contractor discuss the details of your project while getting a sense of the unique strengths and limitations of the available space.

Ask to See a Portfolio

An experienced contractor will be happy to provide a portfolio, either online or in person, that details some of their previous work. A good portfolio should be well-rounded and demonstrate their ability to work on various types of renovation projects. Don’t look specifically for past projects that mesh with your design style; instead, look for proof that the contractor is able to adapt to a number of different aesthetics.

Ask About Security

Renovating your home means inviting strangers into your personal space for months at a time. Therefore, be sure to ask questions regarding the security measures your contractor has in place. Do they hire subcontractors? What kinds of insurance have they purchased? Do they perform background checks on all of their employees?

Ask About Accreditations and Awards

Accreditations and awards show that a home improvement contractor is dedicated to learning the latest tricks of their trade. Ask if they have won any awards in their field, and what their most recent certifications are.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and skilled home improvement contractor in the Virginia area, look no further than the professionals at Criner Remodeling. Every project we take on is important to us, which is why we are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our clients feel confident in our ability to handle any job quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today at (757) 868-6200 to speak with one of our team members about your next home remodeling project.

Unlicensed vs Licensed Contractors in Virginia: Does It Matter?

Remodeling a home comes with all sorts of unexpected costs. Often, homeowners will attempt to cut corners by finding alternative materials, scaling down their ideas, or hiring unlicensed contractors to finish the job. The latter, unfortunately, can end in frustration and heartache for the unlucky homeowners who put their trust in someone who turned out to be inexperienced or dishonest. Here’s how to avoid hiring the wrong person for your home remodeling job.

Licensing Means Proficiency

When you hire a licensed contractor, you don’t have to second guess that person’s skill level, proficiency, or experience. Why? Because the process of becoming accredited in home improvement techniques requires all contractors to undergo continuing education. Also, a licensed contractor is more likely to have a resume filled with successful, high-skill jobs. Clients and businesses seeking contractors for expensive work typically do not hire unlicensed contractors.

Licensing Means Protection

Hiring only licensed contractors in Virginia means protecting yourself against any potential liability when others are working inside your home. A licensed contractor will carry liability insurance, as well as worker’s comp, and assume legal and financial responsibility should an accident occur. When you have other people using dangerous machinery, hazardous chemicals, and electrical equipment inside your home, do you really want to assume unnecessary risk?

Don’t get caught in a legal bind: be sure to hire only licensed contractors in Virginia. The headache and heartbreak you save will more than make up for any potential bargain you may think you’re getting by hiring a contractor without a license. Criner Remodeling takes the well-being of your family, your home, and your assets very seriously, and that is why all our contractors are fully licensed. We work to minimize any liability, and always follow up with clients to be sure their completed project is exactly what they envisioned. Fill out our contact form to get your project started today.

Home Builders Hampton Roads: Go Green on Your Property

Going green on your property isn’t just an important way to help save the environment, it also contributes to the overall value of your home. That’s why home builders Hampton roads are constantly getting calls from homeowners looking to go green. With recent developments in green technology, you can generate power, reduce water consumption, focus on sustainable materials, and keep your home comfortable, all without sacrificing your house’s curb appeal. Read on to learn about the environmentally-friendly remodeling options available to you.

Oftentimes, going green in your home remodel isn’t about replacing your HVAC system or putting in new materials, but about reorganizing the existing layout of your home to maximize your available footprint. You might already have the square footage you need to add an extra bedroom or a home office. By talking about your options with a certified Hampton roads home builder, you can learn how to make rooms do double or even triple duty, how to open up your floor plan to make existing rooms feel bigger, and how to rearrange furniture to get the extra space you need.

Green home improvement extends outdoors, as well. By working in tandem with certified green landscapers, you can integrate native plants and shrubbery to help keep your home cool, your yard clean, and your property value high. It is an absolutely crucial component to any sustainable home, and yet it is often overlooked by many homeowners looking to go green!

If you’re looking for the right home builders Hampton roads to help you go green on your property, then look no further than the home remodeling team at Criner Remodeling. With several accreditations, such as Certified Green Professional, we have the knowledge and training necessary to ensure your home meets the green standard. Give us a call today at (757) 868-6200 to schedule a free in-home consultation.