What You Should Know About Home Remodeling VA

Criner Remodeling VARemodeling a home is a tremendous undertaking, both in terms of financial cost and of time and effort. However, it can be a very rewarding. When you begin the process of home remodeling VA, there are helpful facts to know before starting. Here are a few:

  • What’s your budget? Before you begin a project such as home remodeling in VA, it’s crucial that you know exactly what you can spend. Take your time, do your homework, and double-check your figures with your contractor. Ask someone you know, like a close friend or family member, who’s been through a remodel to share with you their figures.
  • Find the right contractor for you. When you begin the process of hiring a contractor/remodeling company, choose one that you a) feel comfortable with and b) comes with impeccable references. Ask for references and come prepared to ask many questions.
  • Is your project realistic? Almost everyone dreams of the type of remodel that will completely reimagine and reinvigorate a home. However, many times, those dreams are just that. It is important to be realistic about what can actually be done to your home. No need to go spinning your metaphorical wheels on a project that isn’t possible.
  • Pay attention to the details. As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. This is especially true for home remodeling projects. While it is important to be mindful of the big picture, you need to make sure you keep track of the proverbial fine print. For example, make sure you have ordered all the materials needed for your remodel. Confirm this with your contractor, and then re-confirm it!

Remodeling a home is a big event. If you go into it fully prepared, completing your home remodeling VA will have fewer headaches and more pats on the back. For more information or to consult with one of our experts, contact Criner Remodeling at (757) 868-6200, or visit us online at www.crinerremodeling.com.

Our Favorite Ideas for Poquoson Bathroom Additions

Peninsula Home Bathroom Remodeling by Criner RemodelingCriner Remodeling has been in the home remodeling business since 1977. We’ve built our reputation as an industry leader in the Virginia peninsula area by focusing on our specialties, such as custom bathroom remodeling. In fact, we’re known in the area as one of the top companies for handling new bathroom projects, especially additions.

In many cities, including Poquoson, bathroom additions are a popular way to increase value and functionality in a home. Consider these bathroom addition ideas for your next project:

  • Depending on the space you’re considering for your addition, installing a whirlpool tub might be the way to go. A whirlpool tub can transform an ordinary bathroom into a spa experience.
  • If you’re interested in a more traditional bathroom layout but still want to add flare and excitement, choose modern colors or design patterns for your new space, along with stylish fixtures. Using bright colors and bold designs will not only add character to the room, but they’ll also enhance and invigorate your mood.
  • The sink area is often the focal point of a bathroom. For your new addition, make a statement with your sink. Try selecting a daring piece made of all marble, copper, or brushed nickel, and consider innovative fixtures that release water in a creative and interesting way.
  • Stand-up showers are always popular in bathroom additions. They add a touch of class and elegance. Your new bathroom addition could feature a waterfall showerhead or a teak bench for relaxing. Why not make your new stand-up shower circular, or even a sauna? The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to Poquoson bathroom additions, Criner Remodeling is truly the leader in our industry. Our bathroom addition designs have won numerous awards, and our staff members are available to help you during every step of the process. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us at (757) 868-6200.

Hampton Roads Home Remodeling: Custom Designs, Quality Work

hampton roads home remodelingRemodeling a home is one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors a homeowner can undertake. A home remodel not only adds aesthetic value to your home, but it also instills a sense of pride, and more tangibly, increases your home’s value. When choosing a company to handle your Hampton Roads home remodeling, make sure you select one that comes highly recommended and also has a trusted reputation in the industry, such as Criner Remodeling.

Criner Remodeling has been in the business of renovating and remodeling homes in Virginia for nearly four decades. We’ve won numerous awards in the industry, specializing in custom bathroom and kitchen remodeling plans. And it’s been our mission since the beginning to provide our clients with top-quality work done on time and to their specifications.

Our custom designs are highly innovative and have frequently been lauded and cited for industry awards. We were named 2012 Remodeler of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders, and we were the first recipient of the National Remodeling Quality Award. To date, we have earned over 100 such industry awards recognizing not only our designs, but our commitment to quality.

Providing custom designs has been a hallmark of Criner Remodeling since it was founded in 1977. As a certified general contractor, our company has a team of trained professionals on our staff who are guaranteed to meet your demands and ensure your project turns out exactly as you had envisioned.

Located in the heart of the Virginia peninsula, Criner Remodeling is ready to handle your Hampton Roads home remodeling project. We’ll give your project the full attention that it needs and ensure you’re satisfied every step of the way. For more information or to speak to one of our professionals, please contact our office at (757) 868-6200 today.

What to Know Before Undertaking a Williamsburg, VA Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovationUndertaking a home renovation is a major decision. There are a host of questions that must be answered before making this decision. In Williamsburg, VA, bathroom renovation is one of our specialties at Criner Remodeling. Our experts have been involved with countless bathroom renovations and can help meet your needs. Before starting though, it’s helpful to consider the following questions.

Does a bathroom renovation add value to my home?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, you can probably never go wrong with adding or renovating a bathroom. This type of feature can add value to your home in equity. However, if you’re looking to recoup the cost by reselling, you need to do your homework.

Does my home have balance?

Home buyers tend to prefer a home in which the number of bathrooms is roughly equal to the number of bedrooms. Additions that bring bathrooms in line with the bedroom count tend to sell better on the housing market. Another area where additions need to balance out is in the number of tubs versus the number of showers. Most real estate experts agree you should have one of each in your home.

Will my renovation or addition fit with my neighborhood?

Before undertaking the process of renovating or adding a bathroom in your home, it’s important to determine where your house “stands” within your neighborhood. Can your home support an increase in value? If your home is already one of the nicest ones in your neighborhood, will renovating or adding a new bathroom significantly increase the value of your home? It’s also important to determine what your home is valued at and what it’s expected to be valued at in the future.

A good rule of thumb to consider is only adding a bathroom to your home if you are a) planning to resell it in the next 12-24 months or 2) planning on staying in your home beyond five years. Regardless, when you decide on a Williamsburg, VA, bathroom renovation, it’s important to consult with a trusted professional in the industry like Criner Remodeling. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment with one of our trained professionals.

What’s New in Newport News Home Remodeling?

Newport News Home RemodelingThere’s never been a more exciting time to remodel your home than right now. Here in Newport News home remodeling is also experiencing this excitement. There are several new trends in the industry for those who want to take part in this new wave of home remodeling.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home soon, here are some new ideas to think about for your upcoming project:

  • One of the more overlooked areas for a home remodel is the living room, which is typically the busiest room in the house. It’s the de facto meeting room, entertainment room, lounge area, and sometimes bedroom. However, when the topic of remodeling comes up, the living room is not what’s discussed. A way to liven up any living room remodel is to lower the floor, creating a conversation pit. A bi-level living room is not only an interesting addition, but also one that adds coziness to any home.
  • Another overlooked area of many homes is the attic. Often used as space for storage, the attic is usually the last place thought of when it comes to remodeling. However, this space can be transformed into a cozy nook, a pillow room, a reading room, or simply an additional bedroom.
  • Another new development in Newport News home remodeling is the staircase. A home’s staircase is a very underutilized space, and there are several ways someone can remodel. A staircase can be changed into a unique way of displaying books, art, media, and more by adding shelving underneath the stairs. The space underneath the stairs can also be converted into a unique storage area. Both options are practical and instantly add character to a home.

When you ultimately decide which way you want to remodel your home, it’s important to choose a company with experience and that is trustworthy. When it comes to Newport News home remodeling companies, Criner Remodeling has one of the best reputations in the industry. If you have questions about your project, contact us online, and one of our trained experts will be happy to assist you.

2016 Trends for Hampton Roads Bathroom Additions

Criner Remodeling Hampton roads bathroom

A new year is always an exciting time. Flush from making resolutions, it’s a time of optimism and high energy. Many choose to use the new year to make not only personal changes, but also material ones to their homes. In Hampton Roads, bathroom additions are one of the more popular ways to add value to a home.

Here are some bathroom trends to be on the lookout for in 2016:

  • Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their bathrooms by going big. Larger shower spaces with all the proverbial bells and whistles are a hot trend. This includes adding rainwater or multi-spray shower heads and aromatherapy steam showers. Another trend is adding built-in containers in which you can pre-load your favorite shampoos, soaps, and conditioners into easy to use dispensers. Adding seating areas to a big shower space is also a popular shower addition.
  • Freestanding sinks and tubs are also one of the hottest trends in bathroom additions. A freestanding tub or sink gives your bathroom a sleek, modern appearance, whether done in traditional white, subtle gray, or striking black. Adding a sunken, freestanding tub takes this to another level. You could even cap it off with a whirlpool tub to make this addition even better.
  • Another hot trend is opening up a bathroom addition to the outside world. If there’s one golden rule about architecture, it’s to give the space a view. One of the trends for bathroom additions has been adding large windows or even entire glass walls to open up the space to the outside.

Most real estate experts also agree that, when it comes to bathrooms, it’s truly a numbers game. Adding on a new bathroom can only increase the value of your home. For Hampton Roads bathroom additions, go with the tried-and-true experts at Criner Remodeling. We’ve been in the industry for over 35 years and have the experience and creativity to get the job done right. Contact us today, and let’s work together to help make your 2016 addition a reality.

Work with Our Award-Winning Kitchen Remodeling Company

Criner Remodeling Virginia

Remodeling a home is an exciting endeavor. A home remodel adds value to your home both financially and aesthetically. It can also be a source of tremendous pride for you as the homeowner. One of the most popular home areas to remodel is the kitchen, the metaphorical heart of nearly every home. When choosing a kitchen remodeling company, it’s important to choose one you confidently trust will fulfill the requirements of the job.

How to Choose the Right Company

When deciding on a kitchen remodeling company, it’s best to examine a number of factors before making your final selection. For instance, what is the company’s track record? At Criner Remodeling, we’ve been involved in the home improvement industry since 1977. For over 35 years, our company has been one of the most trusted, go-to experts in residential remodeling in the area. Criner has built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry.

In addition, research whether the kitchen remodeling company performs quality, outstanding work. At Criner Remodeling, we take pride in both our innovative designs and being known as one of the best home remodelers in the industry. We’ve been recognized for our excellence with several industry awards, including being the recipient of the first National Remodeling Quality Award, the Remodeler of the Year Award four times, and numerous showcase awards.

The kitchen remodeling company you select for your project should be one that pays attention to details, is transparent, and is willing to work with you to fulfill your vision and give you the kitchen you desire. At Criner, we make it a point to honor the agreed-upon schedule and finish projects on time. Our clients receive a full, detailed list of specifications that outline each facet of the project. For more information or to consult with one of our representatives, please contact us.

What Sort of Certifications Should Kitchen Remodeling Companies Have?

kitchen remodelingDepending on local regulations where you live, kitchen remodeling companies and contractors may be required to register with the local or state governments and/or obtain a special license or certification. When it comes time for you to hire a company to handle your kitchen remodel, it’s wise to hire one that is certified.

Choosing a company that is certified—such as Criner Remodeling, which is a Class-A licensed contractor by the state of Virginia and certified in lead safety, green building principles, and the Graduate Remodeler Program—ensures that the work done on your remodel is performed by highly skilled workers in a professional manner, and that the company is more reliable, knowledgeable, and ethical.

In some states, remodelers must pass licensing exams on a variety of subjects, including home improvement, business, and labor laws. Selecting a company with these types of licenses will help ensure your job is done correctly and meets your needs and budget requirements.

It’s also advisable to seek out a company with certification from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). A certification from this governing organization signifies that the company has dedicated professionals who are interested in improving their levels of expertise. Some of the certifications offered by NAHB include Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Master Certified Green Professional, and Graduate Master Builder. You can also search the NAHB’s remodeler database for a qualified, ethical professional in your area.

Criner Can Help

While seeking out remodelers, have you found that your potential kitchen remodeling companies aren’t properly certified? At Criner, we’ve been in the remodeling industry since 1977 and have worked hard to obtain our certifications. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide an estimate for your next project. Please contact us at (757) 868-6200 today for more information.

How to Choose Between Williamsburg, VA Remodeling Companies

Williamsburg, VA remodelingRemodeling your home can be a significant undertaking, and deserves to be carefully thought out. Before even beginning the process, there’s one crucial decision that has to be made: selecting the company that will perform your remodeling work. Choosing among the many Williamsburg, VA remodeling companies can be a daunting task. However, going in armed with knowledge and the right questions to ask should make your decision easier.

Consider the following:

  • Before starting the meeting process with any company, ask for referrals. Word-of-mouth is often the best form of advertising and is better than any paid celebrity endorsement. Ask around to your friends, your family, and your coworkers; see who’s had work done on their homes and ask about their positive and negative experiences.
  • After you’ve gathered your recommendations, start researching online for credentials. It’s important to know whether the person or company you select for the job has all the necessary certifications and licenses. Looking for designations from professional organizations such as the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and the National Association of Home Builders is also recommended.
  • Once your research is complete, it’s time to begin the interviewing process. Narrow down your candidates, set up your meetings, and have a specific list of questions you need answered. It’s also important to be specific with the candidates about what you want done with your remodeling job; likewise, be prepared to answer your candidate’s questions. This is actually a good thing; they should have plenty of questions for you about this project.
  • One of your last steps is to check their references. Ask to see or speak to some of their previous customers. When speaking to them, ask about their experience with the job. Did the project run on schedule? Did it go over budget? Were they pleased with the work? Was there anything that should’ve been done differently?

Remember when you hire a remodeling company, you’re contracting a service and not buying a product. Choosing between Williamsburg, VA remodeling companies doesn’t have to be burdensome. Companies such as Criner Remodeling also offer free initial consultations. Scheduling an appointment to talk and review your options can be beneficial in your decision making.

Home Additions Remodeling for Bedrooms, Sunrooms, Bathrooms & More: Part 2

home additions remodelingIf you’re a homeowner, the decision of whether to upgrade your home has probably been on your mind a time or two. A number of factors must be worked through before ultimately deciding if adding on to your house is ideal.

Here are a few questions to consider when weighing a home additions remodeling:

  • How would you design your house if you were starting over from scratch? When deciding upon an addition, it’s often difficult to see beyond what already exists with your home. Try and envision your home as if you were building it brand new. This will help you determine what you really want.
  • Will your new addition add significant value to your home? Regardless of how long you plan on staying in your home—whether it’s three years or 30—one day, you might want to either sell it, refinance it, or take a home equity loan on it. Home additions are often some of the most expensive remodeling projects, so it’s important to establish beforehand whether or not your addition will turn a profit on this investment.
  • How will your addition “tie in” to the rest of your house? Adding on to a home can be tricky to navigate, since it needs to blend in with your existing structure. Some factors to consider: the roofline of the addition should match your existing structure, the addition should complement the existing finish, and the addition should be a functional space.
  • What are you looking to spend on your addition? Knowing your budget down to the penny is key in deciding what you want for this type of remodeling job. Do your research; online sites can provide an average of what an addition will typically cost you.

Before you make your decision about your home additions remodeling, be sure to consult an expert. Specialists in the field such as Criner Remodeling, which has been in business since 1977, can answer your questions.