Looking for Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas? 5 of Our Favorites

kitchen remodel design

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and often remodeling that metaphorical center can be one of the most rewarding activities for a homeowner. When deciding how to proceed with this type of project, there are several factors to consider: how much you’re willing to budget, how much space you actually have, and the needs of your family. Here are five kitchen remodel design ideas that will work for just about everyone.

  1. First things first, some of the simplest ideas can work best when taking on a project like this. Instead of making wholesale changes, find a part of your kitchen that can be easily updated or upgraded. For example, a popular idea is repainting your kitchen cabinets. Adding a fresh color to your cabinets could be just the transformative look needed for a kitchen pick-me-up. The key is to choose a color that is both the opposite of the previous cabinet color (either go bright or go dark) and that will work with the overall aesthetic of your space.
  2. Take inventory of your kitchen and note the features that you like about it. Then incorporate those features into your remodeling. If your kitchen has stainless steel sinks or interesting fixtures, these could be uniquely incorporated into your remodel.
  3. Pick an overarching theme for your kitchen. Giving a kitchen an industrial (e.g., lots of metallic surfaces), a rustic (with reclaimed wood furnishing) or a monochromatic (white on white on white, for example) theme will give your kitchen space not only a cohesive look, but also reflect positively on who you are as a homeowner to guests visiting your kitchen.
  4. No list of kitchen remodel ideas would be complete without addressing a constant concern for homeowners: storage space. The Internet is full of ideas on how to “hack” the storage problems that plague many kitchens. Making a better, more efficient kitchen will take planning. This is arguably the most outside-the-box remodeling idea and will probably require the most planning.
  5. Lastly, when upgrading your kitchen, one often overlooked detail is updating the look of your ceiling. Adding a color accent or texture to your kitchen ceiling is a great way to make it “pop,” and it is not an area that people generally remember.

Whenever you decide to take on this project, remember to consult with the experts at Criner Remodeling first before committing. Whatever kitchen remodel design idea you decide upon, with the right amount of planning, your upgrade is sure to be a success.

What’s New in Virginia Home Improvement for 2016

Virginia Home ImprovementA family’s home is its proverbial castle, and from time to time, the castle needs upgrading or improving. If you have come to the point where you are ready to make some improvements to your home, we have suggestions for you. Here are a few new ideas for a Virginia home improvement.

  • Everyone loves a cozy fireplace. A fireplace is a great place to gather with the family on a chilly night or simply a spot for some quiet reflection. Giving the hearth a makeover is a great way to improve a home. Whether it is a simple new exterior of brick or a more upscale facade of marble (or even Swarovksi crystals), improving your fireplace is a great way to add some new shine to your home.
  • Another Virginia home improvement option is upgrading your kitchen. Why not upgrade your countertops? How about a stylish and classy granite finish? If you have the room and are looking to add more counter space, why not add an island with a matching finish?
  • One area of the home that people rarely think about when they think about improvements is the garage. The garage is often the catch-all for a home: part laundry room and part storage closet. It is also one of the first visible features, so why not give it an upgrade? One hot trend is adding a giant sliding screen door to the garage. This allows for a great way to work out in the open and not be completely at the mercy of the elements.
  • The roof is literally the shelter of a home. If you’re contemplating a Virginia home improvement, you can never go wrong with upgrading the roof. Not only will it add to the aesthetic appeal of your house, but it will also save you a great deal of money in the long run. A 50-year roof is a great way to ensure your shelter is taken care of for a long time to come. New tiles are being made from newer, more durable materials. There has never been a better time to upgrade your roof.

If you have questions about some of these hot new Virginia home improvement ideas, contact us at Criner Remodeling. We have over 37 years of home remodeling experience, and our trained staff will be able to help you out with your project. Contact our offices at (757) 868-6200, or visit us online at www.crinerremodeling.com.

Expand Your Vacation Property with Hampton Bathroom Additions

© A. Tatum PhotographyVacation properties can be a stress-reducing addition to your family life, a wonderful way to earn passive income, or both. Unfortunately, many vacation properties come into owners’ hands as more of a fixer-upper than a ready-to-rent property. Whether you’re looking to up the resale or rental value of your vacation property, or perhaps to make things a little more comfortable for your family and guests, consider expanding your vacation home with Hampton bathroom additions. Keep reading to learn how adding a second (or third, or fourth) bathroom to your property can make all the difference in your quality of life and your bottom line.

A bathroom is an absolute necessity in any home, which means the more facilities you have, the less opportunity there is for awkward moments to arise. This is especially true for vacation properties, where multiple guests or families are often sharing a communal space. Therefore, adding Hampton bathroom additions ensures everyone has their privacy and comfort while enjoying a relaxing vacation. For those who rent out their vacation properties, adding even a half bath can make your property more appealing to those who travel with small children or large families. A skilled home remodeling company will work with you to make sure your bathroom addition is a seamless expansion. No one will be able to tell that your new bathroom was not an original part of your property, but they will certainly be able to tell that your home is comfortable and accommodating.

Looking for a home remodeling business to handle your Hampton bathroom additions? Look no further than Criner Remodeling. Our team has many years of experience adding bathrooms, sunrooms, and kitchens to vacation properties all over the Hampton area. Give us a call at (757) 868-6200 to speak with a member of our team and start your home remodeling journey today.

Williamsburg, VA General Contractor: What to Expect When Working With Yours

While some homeowners like to take a hands-off approach when it comes to working with a contractor, others know that in order to get the best results, they must treat their home renovation contractor more like a partner. After all, it’s their home that will be modified and where they must live after the project is complete. If you have a big remodeling project coming up and you’re feeling anxious, simply read through these real world tips for how to work with your Williamsburg, VA general contractor to get the best results possible.

You’ll find things go more smoothly from the get-go if you plan for everything – and we mean literally everything. Try to nail down specific items and their prices before work begins. That way, you won’t be stuck making hard decisions in the middle of renovating. Also, having a clear and vetted plan ahead of time allows your contractor to focus on more important issues as they arise.

Set up specific times to go over the project with your contractor. You should strive for a good working relationship where you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. If you don’t, you may end up with a final project with which you feel less than pleased.

Finally, keep an eye on the numbers. If there are substantial changes happening, make sure to write them down as you hear about them. It can be easy to say yes to a change in the moment, but those small differences can really add up in the look and price of your final product.

One of the best ways to feel comfortable with your Williamsburg, VA general contractor is to check them out for yourself. That’s why we encourage all clients and potential clients to peruse our website. You can view our numerous accreditations, read testimonials from previous clients, and see pictures of past projects. If you like what you see, go ahead and fill out a contact form located here to get in touch with a home remodeling expert, usually the same day.

Home Bathroom Remodeling is More Than Just Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets

Peninsula Home Bathroom Remodeling by Criner RemodelingWhen planning our home remodeling projects, we tend to think in terms of big picture ideas: new counters, a larger tub, etc. However, there are dozens of changes, big and small, that go into a home bathroom remodeling project. This article will take you through some of those decisions and show you how to think outside the tub when it comes to planning your remodel.

Speaking of big picture changes, you should always begin with a theme. Even if you don’t imagine your new bathroom following a strict motif such as tropical or baroque, you can still put together a cohesive set of ideas to guide your remodel. For example, maybe you want natural wood to be a focal point and so choose colors that complement rich wood tones. Or perhaps modern is more your thing, and you want a monochromatic color scheme accented with cool metals.

Secondly, you don’t have to swap all of your appliances (and pay an arm and a leg) in order to have a dramatic reveal. Changing up the finish on your countertop, painting your cabinetry, and even adding new lighting can all add up to a completely new space. Another single-serve idea sure to make an impact is changing up your tiles. Put a bold backsplash next to your shower or bathtub that contrasts with the rest of the colors in the room. You’ll be surprised how different your bathroom feels after this one little change.

If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom, then look no further than the home bathroom remodeling professionals at Criner Remodeling. We have decades of experience turning drab, uncomfortable bathrooms into sumptuous and fully functional living spaces. Fill out our contact form located here to get in touch with a team member today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Home Additions Virginia: How to Prepare Your Home for the Big Build

Home additions VirginiaPreparing for a major home renovation project can be an exciting time, but it can also be a challenge. After all, you are inviting strangers into your home for a flexible period of time to make major changes. There is a great deal of trust and mystery involved. Luckily, we have a few helpful tips for you to help take some of the stress out of remodeling your home. When you’re well prepared, you will find it’s easier to relax and let your home additions Virginia team do their job.

First, try to get a detailed timeline from your contractor. Even if things take longer than expected (which they often do), having a copy of the plan in front of you will give you peace of mind and help you pinpoint your position in the overall project. When going over the timeline, make sure you discuss key points with your contractor that will help you prepare for events like the water being shut off. That way, you can plan to rearrange furniture or stay somewhere else during those more chaotic times. If you’re planning to stay in the house for the duration of your renovation, it’s important to create a routine that will help keep your household running smoothly and provide a level of security for you and your family.

The most important thing you can do to prepare for your home additions Virginia is to actually make the call and schedule a consultation. Take the plunge today by calling the team at Criner Remodeling. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will put you at ease, answering your questions honestly and succinctly. At your consultation, you can go over any lingering concerns you might have about preparing for home renovation. Give us a call at (757) 868-6200 to start prepping today!

Home Exterior Remodeling: Low-Cost Changes with Big Impact

Criner Remodeling Addition ExteriorUpdating the exterior of your house is usually a good idea for any homeowner, whether they plan on selling their house in the near future or not. The outside of your property tells the world a story about your home and about you. Therefore, it is important to maintain the outside of your house regularly. Below are a few ideas for home exterior remodeling that are easy on the pocketbook. You will be surprised how little it takes to make a big difference!

Use Dark Colors

White siding and trim can look timeless and crisp on a house’s exterior, but it also shows grime and ages faster than other color schemes. If you are looking to update the outside of your house, go with a darker color scheme like slate, mocha, or green. It will save you thousands in upkeep over the life of your home.

Update Your Windows

Simple, low-cost upgrades, such as window boxes and shutters, can pull the exterior of your house together and make everything feel polished and well-coordinated. Go with a high-contrast color scheme for maximum impact and curb appeal.

Replace the Door

What a difference a door makes! Your front door is your home’s first impression, so make sure it is a good one. Bright colors, beautiful wood, and inlaid windows are some ways you can make a dramatic impact with a new front door. Don’t forget about hardware; your front door should complement the existing aesthetic scheme of your house.

Is it time to talk home exterior remodeling? Get in touch with the home improvement professionals at Criner Remodeling. Our team of approachable and skilled contractors are ready to guide you through the process of transforming the exterior of your house. You can fill out our contact form here to get things started.

4 Factors to Consider Before Installing Residential Additions

A home addition is a popular and often vital choice for home remodeling. If you’re expecting a new family member, welcoming in-laws, starting a home business, running out of room for an existing hobby, or simply interested in adding value to your property, then you may be considering installing residential additions. Before you get on the phone with a contractor, however, here are four important factors worth thinking over.

  1. Cost
    Everyone knows that remodeling a house costs money, but adding a whole new room is considerably more expensive than other projects. When you renovate an existing space, you do not have to worry about building the framework, finding matching materials, or creating a seamless exterior transition, among other factors.
  2. Time
    Adding a new room or two will take much longer than switching up a kitchen or a bathroom. This means you will have to put up with hired workers, loud noises, and building materials in your living space for weeks or months. Depending on where you want to build your addition, this could greatly affect your day-to-day life.
  3. Space
    There are several good reasons for needing extra space in your home, but take some time to see if your reasoning holds up. Are you really aiming for more space in your house, or are there ways to rearrange your existing rooms to satisfy your needs? Is a new room absolutely necessary, or does it just seem that way because there are one or more rooms in your house that just aren’t working as-is?
  4. Experts
    If you’re confident in your decision to remodel, you have to find the right home remodeling experts to start the job. Don’t just go with the first search result on Google: do extensive research. Look at portfolios, read over testimonials, and schedule a consultation (or three). Make sure you hire a contractor who is knowledgeable, professional, and secure.

If you’re confident about installing residential additions in the near future, then consider Criner Remodeling for your renovation needs. We have decades’ worth of experience adding space onto existing homes in the Virginia area, and we would love to work with you on your next house improvement project. Give us a call at (757) 868-6200 to set up your in-home consultation.

Bathroom Renovation Williamsburg, VA: Simple Ways to Lower Your Costs

Bathroom renovationWhen it comes to home remodeling, we all wish we could work with unlimited budgets. How often have you perused images online or wandered through a friend’s home and started making a mental shopping list for your next big project? Unfortunately for most of us, when we decide to move ahead with our home remodeling, we have to sacrifice some of our bigger ideas in order to keep costs low. Luckily, with some smart planning and a knowledgeable home remodeling expert, you can make the most of your remodeling budget. Here are a few tips for bathroom renovation Williamsburg, VA that won’t break the bank.

One of the best tips for bathroom remodeling is to work with what you have. Many homeowners don’t want to go through the hassle of remodeling if they feel they won’t end up with a dramatically different space at the end of it. But if you think creatively, there are many small-scale ways to transform your space without redoing absolutely everything. Replacing fixtures, knobs, and faucets, combined with a new paint color, is often all it takes to make a room unrecognizable.

Scour the other rooms in your house, including storage if you’ve got it, for materials you can bring into a new space. Perhaps you have an antique mirror collecting dust in the attic because it doesn’t fit the décor of your living room, but now would make a stunning impact in the hallway. Light fixtures, textiles, and small furniture pieces can all breathe new life into an updated bathroom, while saving you money that would be better spent on splurges, like tiling.

Criner Remodeling has been the go-to company for bathroom renovation Williamsburg, VA, for decades, and with good reason. We will work with you to create a beautiful and functional new space in your home, no matter the budget. Contact us here to get the ball rolling on your next big (or small) home remodeling project.

Finding the Right Home Remodeling Business for Your Project

Sometimes just deciding that you want to have one of the rooms in your house renovated is the most difficult step to beginning the remodeling process. Other times, knowing what you want to do is easy, but finding the right people to help you execute your vision trips you up. If you’re on the lookout for the best home remodeling company for your unique project, there are a few guidelines you can follow to make the decision a bit more clear. Read on to learn about a few things to look for that will make all the difference when hiring a home remodeling business.

Reviews and testimonials are a great place to start when hiring any type of contractor, and are often the first place potential clients go when making this big decision. While there are many aggregate review websites out there, sometimes the best information comes from client testimonials on the company’s own website. A testimonial is more official than a simple online review and often includes more specific details and relevant information than Yelp or Angie’s List. Additionally, you can call up any home remodeling company and ask for more information about the types of projects they do and where their specialties lie.

Next, you want to find out what types of awards and accreditations they have amassed over the life of their business. While awards can sound impressive, follow up to make sure the awards they have won are relevant to your project’s actual needs. Accreditations, on the other hand, are a safe bet, even if they’re not specifically related to your ideas. A company that goes through the effort to get accredited by approved organizations shows they have skill, knowledge, and follow-through.

If you are diligent in your research and follow these guidelines, there’s no reason you shouldn’t end up with a reliable and skilled home remodeling business to handle your project. Criner Remodeling has been working in the Virginia area for decades and has amassed over 100 local and national awards in its lifetime. You can get in touch with our team by emailing info@criner.net and asking to set up a free in-home consultation.