Williamsburg, VA kitchen remodeling with Criner Remodeling

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. Perhaps that’s why so many people are interested in Williamsburg, VA kitchen remodeling. There’s something about the smells, textures, and tastes of a freshly prepared meal to bring the family together, while making your cares melt away. No kitchen remodel is complete, however, without a good game plan. With that in mind, here’s a look at the five most popular kitchen layouts.

  1. The simplest design is a no-frills, one-wall kitchen in which the stove, sink, refrigerator, and other appliances are lined up side by side, along with counter space/storage. This option can be perfect if you have a smaller household and/or limited time to prepare meals. One way to really open up a one-wall kitchen is to add a small island, increasing its capacity and scale.
  2. Perhaps the most popular kitchen layout is the classic galley design. The sink, stove, fridge, counterspace/storage, etc. are lined up along opposing walls, with a center corridor giving access to everything. This approach combines simplicity and utility, making it a can’t-miss option for almost any home.
  3. An L-shaped kitchen is a variation on the galley design, where the appliances and counterspace/storage are on two walls separated by a 90° angle. Many homeowners feel this approach is more spacious and comfortable than other options.
  4. A U-shaped kitchen spreads the appliances and food preparation/storage areas along three separate walls. This is a great way to create an open design while still allowing easy access to each area. This design may or may not include an island, depending on the home’s size and the homeowner’s desires.
  5. A G-shaped kitchen adds a fourth wall for enhanced storage and elbow room. Access is gained through an open space beside this short wall. The design allows for ample counterspace, storage, etc. However, some say it makes the kitchen feel claustrophobic.

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for your own Williamsburg, VA kitchen remodeling project. Be sure to keep Criner in mind for all your home improvement needs.