Williamsburg home remodeling is an exciting topic. What could be more satisfying than re-creating your living space to match both your needs and your fondest dreams? Of course, as with any major investment, remodeling your home requires a great deal of thought and planning. With that in mind, here’s a look at five Williamsburg home remodeling trends designed to stand the test of time:

  1. When it comes to countertops, quartz is in. This amazing material offers beauty and strength that rivals marble and granite, but at a lower cost and with less maintenance. Also, thin and sleek, not big and bulky, is the countertop look most of today’s homeowners are going for. A narrower profile is a perfect complement to modern lifestyles and tastes.
  2. Kitchen cabinets with recessed handles, hidden hinges, and smooth, flush exteriors are growing in popularity. These designs can give your kitchen a contemporary feel that matches the pace of 21st-century life.
  3. More and more Americans are adding pet-friendly features to their homes. Some of the more popular options include built-in feeding stations, dedicated pet playrooms, and utility sinks or miniature showers that make bathing your four-legged friend fast and easy.
  4. Transforming the main bathroom from a small, utilitarian space into your own personal mini-spa is one of the most popular Williamsburg home remodeling trends going today. Today’s building techniques and technology allow homeowners to enjoy their own steam rooms, luxurious shower areas, and heated floors.
  5. Speaking of heated floors, imagine slipping out of your wet shoes or boots and bathing your frosty feet in delightful warmth. There’s no better way to foil winter’s chilling embrace, and that’s why many homeowners are adding a heating element to the section of flooring just inside their front doors.

We hope these ideas give you inspiration for your own residential renovation projects. In the meantime, please consider Criner for your Williamsburg home remodeling or home addition needs. Call us if we can help in any way.