Welcoming a new family member into your home is a common reason why many homeowners choose to remodel their properties. Parenthood can be stressful enough without having to constantly chase after your little ones to usher them away from the less safe areas of your home. The key to baby-proofing your property the right way is to hire home remodeling specialists who can help your home transition alongside your child. From creating a safe and relaxing atmosphere for an infant, to an exciting and stimulating space for a toddler, to an inviting and fun play area for a child, home remodeling experts like the ones at Criner Remodeling can help you transform your house into a kid-friendly home.

Many baby proofing remodel ideas come from the need to keep your baby inside certain spaces and out of others. Consider installing Dutch doors, which split around waist height. You can open just the top portion of a Dutch door, allowing you to see out into the rest of the house while keeping little ones safely inside. These doors can also help if you have a pet in the house who needs to be supervised when interacting with their new family member.

Another great baby-friendly home remodeling idea is to install safety outlets throughout your home. Electrical outlets are a necessity, but they are dangerous to babies and pets, often being positioned low to the ground. Rather than buying clunky outlet covers, talk to your remodeler about installing child safe outlets, which use a shutter system that prevents your child from sticking anything into one side of the socket.

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