1IMG_1602Kitchen islands are wonderful for creating more counter space and doubling as a dining area for quick meals, so if you’re planning on undertaking a VA kitchen remodeling project, consider whether an island is something you should include in your additions. Talk to your contractor for the best advice about whether an island is right for your home, factor in the design of your home’s kitchen space and how you use your kitchen, and ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. Is there room?

The flow of your kitchen matters, and a VA kitchen remodeling project allows you to customize this flow, but a large obstruction in the middle of a tiny kitchen will inhibit movement so that any extra prep space will be of little use because you won’t have room to cook. There are ways to add a small island in a modestly sized kitchen, depending on the space itself and the shape of the room, but if you’re uncertain whether or not you have the space for an island, ask your contractor what they think. An expert will provide an honest answer.

  1. Do you need more space?

Islands are excellent at providing extra space to prepare meals, especially if you use your main counter area for appliances. The area underneath an island also adds more storage room, and some can house the oven or dishwasher to maximize the amount of room you have to work in.

  1. Is your kitchen a social hotspot?

VA kitchen remodeling plans should take your kitchen’s purpose into consideration in order to create the best space for cooking and entertaining. An island might replace the standard kitchen table for households who value hanging out in the kitchen, while bar stools can easily transform your workspace into a gathering area. If you find that you enjoy a little company while cooking, an island is a good addition for your home.