It’s an inevitable part of life for all parents: your kids go off to college or find their own place, and you’re left with an empty nest. If you’re unsure about what to do with all your newly freed-up space, let us offer a few suggestions. Here are some excellent Virginia home remodeling ideas to turn that empty nest into a creative and relaxing space on any budget.

When a child first leaves home, many parents are afraid to change the childhood bedroom because they are afraid their loved one will have nowhere to return to. If this describes your current situation, have no fear. A perfect compromise is to transform the space into a guest bedroom. Chances are, anyone spending time in your home will be familiar with your child, so keeping around a few keepsakes such as framed pictures or trophies can be a fun way to decorate a guest room. Keep the existing furniture (unless it’s covered with unicorns or stickers), but change up the textiles to a more neutral, inviting palette.

If you’re not worried about keeping your child’s bedroom as is, or if you already have a guest room in your home, then here are some more innovative concepts to explore. For example, if you have a hobby or avocation you plan to devote some of your new free time towards pursuing, then a studio space may be in your future. Add some high quality lighting fixtures to make sure you’re always working in optimal conditions. If music is your passion, consider taking steps to soundproof your studio.

Maybe you want to spend more time at home by moving some of your work hours to a home office. A large desk, comfortable seating, and lots of natural light can make working feel like a vacation. You could even give a nod to Don Draper and include a bar cart for afternoon martinis!

If you’d like to be talk of the town, then consider transforming your unused space into a media center. Neighbors will be lining up for weekend invites to watch the latest movies on your high definition projector. Integrated seating and surround sound can help transform the experience into a night (or day) to remember.

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