Virginia bathroom remodeling for tiny restroomsEven the tiniest washrooms can benefit from Virginia bathroom remodeling. Possible projects range from a new shower curtain to a floor-to-ceiling complete makeover. In this post, we’d like to discuss five options to consider. Some you can do yourself; others are best left to professionals. But all can enhance the look of both your bathrooms and your entire home.

  1. Add a secondary mirror. This is a classic designer’s trick to make a small space look larger. Mirrors range in price from a few bucks to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so you’ve got plenty of styles from which to choose.
  2. Repaint the room in a bright new shade. You can also use wallpaper or for a truly transformative look, replace the existing walls with new paneling or gypsum board (better known in the South as “Sheetrockâ”). That’s the kind of project that’s best left to a pro unless you’ve got serious handyperson skills.
  3. Add or replace a vanity with either a new unit or one carefully selected from an antiques dealer, depending on your taste. You can also renovate the existing one with a fresh coat of paint. Try using a little sandpaper to create a pleasing “distressed” look.
  4. Change the floors by adding new linoleum or tiles.
  5. Consider changing some of the nonvisual aspects of your bathroom’s environment with plug-in fragrance dispensers or by playing music. This is one of those out-of-the-box ideas that many people overlook. But it offers tremendous potential for enhancing the “feel” of your restroom nonetheless.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these five Virginia bathroom remodeling tips. In the meantime, why not give Criner a call? We can turn your dreams of a beautiful home into reality for less than you might think.