Using only the best materials for your Virginia bathroom remodeling project ensures that the outcome will stand the test of time. Carefully selecting every material for the project can help achieve the goal of a renovation that is built to last. Every detail of your new bathroom, from the caulk on the bathtub to the light fixture above the sink, should be geared toward longevity and ease of use.

Tile is a classic material for any size of bathroom, and for good reasons: it’s easy to clean, attractive, and resilient, and unlike vinyl, it does not degrade or appear dingy over time, and you can have a lot of fun with it! Tile comes in every color imaginable, both stamped and unstamped, so it is a material that truly allows homeowners to customize their bathroom’s appearance. The individual tiles are usually held together with a cement-like mixture called grout, which also comes in several colors for even further customization possibilities, and it can last as long as the stone itself if applied properly and evenly. Choose a good quality grout to help keep moisture out of your tiles and prevent cracking.

1IMG_4154Top-quality fixtures are a must for any Virginia bathroom remodeling project. The term fixture refers to amenities like toilets, tubs, showerheads, sinks, and lighting. If you are replacing any of these during your remodel, be sure to choose high-quality items, which may be more expensive but will last longer and cause less problems that the bargain options. Higher quality fixtures also have better technology and aid in things like water and electricity conservation, so the higher purchase price is offset over time by reduced utility bills. Porcelain is popular for sinks and toilets due to its longevity and resistance to staining, but glass bowls are also a good choice if you want a more unique sink. Choose the showerhead and bathtub tap that feels best for your design, and ensure that they are made from quality materials.

Criner Remodeling uses well-made, long-lasting materials for Virginia bathroom remodeling projects. We also offer tips on how to make your bathroom more efficient and green. Our materials and expertise create bathrooms that look stunning no matter what design trends the years may bring.