Cabinet organization is one of the primary features people look for when researching VA kitchen remodeling. It turns out there are many things homeowners can do to maximize their cabinet’s storage potential. The good news is, most of them don’t cost very much. Here is a look at seven handy pointers:

  1. Use vertically stacked shells to make the most of headroom. You can buy aftermarket shelving units that will fit in virtually any cabinet.
  2. Hang items from the back of your cabinet door. This is a great place to stash food preparation tools, for instance.
  3. Use decanters for bulk items like sugar, flour, and even pasta. You’ll be amazed how much more room you’ll have after taking this step alone.
  4. Use a kitchen filing system to store cutting boards and baking sheets when not in use. Some homeowners can tackle installing one of these systems, while others are better off leaving the job to a VA kitchen remodeling professional.
  5. Use bins to store groups of smaller items. For example, if your cabinets are filled with small spice tins, then you can bunch these into a single container to prevent having to sort through them every time you need one little thing.
  6. Use slide-out shelving to maximize your available room. Like number four above, this may or may not be a project you’re comfortable tackling on your own.
  7. Use an upright rack to store plates rather than stacking them one on top of the other. This makes plates easier to handle and can safeguard them from breaking.

We hope this list of VA kitchen remodeling tips has given you some good ideas to think about. And if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen or another area of your home, then contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation quote.