Remodeling a home comes with all sorts of unexpected costs. Often, homeowners will attempt to cut corners by finding alternative materials, scaling down their ideas, or hiring unlicensed contractors to finish the job. The latter, unfortunately, can end in frustration and heartache for the unlucky homeowners who put their trust in someone who turned out to be inexperienced or dishonest. Here’s how to avoid hiring the wrong person for your home remodeling job.

Licensing Means Proficiency

When you hire a licensed contractor, you don’t have to second guess that person’s skill level, proficiency, or experience. Why? Because the process of becoming accredited in home improvement techniques requires all contractors to undergo continuing education. Also, a licensed contractor is more likely to have a resume filled with successful, high-skill jobs. Clients and businesses seeking contractors for expensive work typically do not hire unlicensed contractors.

Licensing Means Protection

Hiring only licensed contractors in Virginia means protecting yourself against any potential liability when others are working inside your home. A licensed contractor will carry liability insurance, as well as worker’s comp, and assume legal and financial responsibility should an accident occur. When you have other people using dangerous machinery, hazardous chemicals, and electrical equipment inside your home, do you really want to assume unnecessary risk?

Don’t get caught in a legal bind: be sure to hire only licensed contractors in Virginia. The headache and heartbreak you save will more than make up for any potential bargain you may think you’re getting by hiring a contractor without a license. Criner Remodeling takes the well-being of your family, your home, and your assets very seriously, and that is why all our contractors are fully licensed. We work to minimize any liability, and always follow up with clients to be sure their completed project is exactly what they envisioned. Fill out our contact form to get your project started today.