We’ve been in this business a long time, so we’ve seen just about every project and repair you can imagine, and the most transformative ones are always outdoor room additions. A great way to blend stunning outside views with the comfort and quiet of the indoors, these additions can bring about big change to a property: adding resale value, improving function, and giving more options to the homeowners who live there.

Here are just a few ways outdoor room additions can transform a home:

  • Entertaining space – Great for hosting parties, playing games with friends, or celebrating the holidays, room additions make entertaining easier and more convenient.
  • New family members – Need space for the new baby or room for your recently returned college grad? Want a special place for the mother-in-law when she visits? Outdoor room additions offer a helping hand.
  • A relaxing respite – Enjoy your morning coffee, read a book, bird watch, or even just watch TV, all while taking in scenic views and convenient comforts.
  • Extra storage – Want somewhere to put your Christmas decorations? Or your craft items, books, or winter clothes? Outdoor room additions can provide all the space you need.
  • Pet sanctuary – Don’t want the dog on your bed but need to keep them inside due to the snow? Outdoor rooms offer the perfect pet hideaway. Store their bowls, beds, and toys there, and make a happy space for all your furry friends when the weather turns cold.
  • Study space – Create a quiet getaway for studying, reading, or doing homework. The natural lighting and scenic views can serve as great creative inspiration.

With outdoor room additions, the options are endless. Have an idea for how to expand your home’s form and function? Want to up your resale value with added space? Contact us to schedule a consultation today.