Most people live in their homes long enough to contemplate or complete a bathroom remodeling project. This can be one of those projects where, without proper planning, it can lead to a string of unplanned “one thing leads to another” types of events that can not only break your budget, but end up taking much longer than you anticipated.


BudgetShower- Criner Remodeling

You should try your best to develop a budget that you are prepared to work with for your remodel project. This will determine what you can accomplish, whether you do the job yourself, or preferably hire a professional contractor for the job.



If you can accomplish the bathroom remodel without moving the original plumbing, you can save money and time. Of course, if your plumbing needs to be upgraded due to obsolete materials, then now would be the time to move it and reconfigure the system.



No bathroom remodeling project should be undertaken without paying attention to the need for proper ventilation. Too many forget to provide proper ventilation in the bathroom to remove moisture and prevent destructive mold and mildew from forming.


LightingBathroom- Criner Remodeling

Lighting is a very important part of your bathroom remodel. Many people get dressed, put on makeup, do their hair, and perform many other personal care routines in the bathroom, and proper lighting is crucial.



The proper space plan will ensure you are using your space efficiently as well as aesthetically. Design professionals like Criner Remodeling can take your vision and determine the feasibility of your vision based on the physical realities of your space.


If you live on the Peninsula (Hampton Roads area) and are contemplating a bathroom remodel, give Criner Remodeling a call at 757-868-6200. Our professionals can guide you through the planning process and create a stress free, rewarding remodel that you can enjoy for years to come.