Criner Remodeling is a Certified Green ProfessionalWith the environment, every choice and purchase influences our planet. Decisions at a grocery store, car dealership, and laundromat have a global impact, which makes hiring a certified green professional really matter. Building projects have endless choices that will positively or negatively affect the earth, and we at Criner understand those implications. As a certified green professional contractor, we give our clients the opportunity to remodel their homes as ecologically as possible. Trained in the best green practices and focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling, we work to better the earth in every project we complete.


With most remodeling, clients want new materials and appliances to keep their homes current and beautiful—not because they live in squalor. Many contractors tend to shell out a room and immediately throw old materials into a dumpster. We at Criner realize one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When cabinets, fixtures, and granite remain in good workable condition, we recycle them instead at the Habitat for Criner Remodeling donates to the Habitat for Humanity RestoreHumanity Restore. Rather than decomposing over centuries in a landfill, we strive to keep earth’s wood, stone, and metals in use so that less need to be harvested and mined in the future.


Criner Remodeling Employee WorkingAs a certified green professional, too, we’ve gained training and expertise at top energy saving building methods: small but critical decisions that will reduce your utilities bill and carbon footprint. Additionally, we offer all of our clients the options of using water-efficient and energy-efficient appliances. Ultimately, every decision is up to our clients, but with the environmental knowledge we’ve gained over the years, we at Criner strive to have a positive global impact with any project we complete.