Custom home remodeling allows every homeowner to live in their dream house without the need to build it from the ground up. There are plenty of homes already standing which are in need of a little TLC from a caring owner. You might already be living in one of them! Criner Remodeling can help you work through the process regardless of the size of job you have in mind – large or small scale. Whether you’re preparing for the future or simply trying to live more comfortably in your current home for the present, the many benefits of custom home remodeling allow you to create a little piece of heaven on earth within your own home.


Homeowners with expanding families tend to look in the direction of home remodeling to accommodate new members. Additions such as sunrooms or three-season rooms bring the beauty of your backyard into the comfort of climate-control. Regardless of your reason for adding on, a new room or two can make your space a much more livable and enjoyable place to hang your hat. The process takes time, but the end result of custom home remodeling will leave you more pleased with your sanctuary.

Going Green

Custom home remodeling grants the opportunity to update with the environment in mind. Energy Star appliances and low-flow water fixtures are both attractive and cost-effective solutions to reduce your bills and your carbon impact. Windows which seal completely cut down on the energy you need to heat or cool your home. Custom home remodeling uses the space you have instead of sourcing more materials to build a whole new house.

As certified green contractors, Criner Remodeling is more than happy to help you make updates to your home in an environmentally conscious manner. In the end, you’ll save money by using less and feel better about your beautiful finished project.

Thinking Forward

Purchasing a home isn’t an age-specific occasion. Some people rent deep into the golden years, while others enter home-ownership as soon as the law permits. With each project, it never hurts to look at the future. If you intend to live in the same place throughout all life’s stages, consider adding a few elder-friendly touches early on. These little things need not transform your youthful home into a retirement community, as they have useful applications for people of all ages. Strategically placed studs within the walls during a big renovation for right-now restorations can hide in plain sight for future needs.

The most specific example of such planning involves your home’s bathroom. A sturdy towel rod right now means a life-saving safety bar later on. Likewise, solid stair-handles stand up to kids playing at “monkey bars” and can help you get to the bedroom once your knees start to ache. Custom home remodeling covers every stage of life for every member of your household.

Personal Touches

Those looking into custom home remodeling are usually seeking to imprint their own personality into their space. Cooks love big kitchens with all the trimmings. Entertainers adore a stunning sunroom and maybe even an in-home bar. Avid readers wish for a library, and shade-tree mechanics want a functional garage. New parents might like to transform an office into a nursery or add another bathroom for their kids’ future needs. Custom home remodeling makes all these things possible by transforming your current set up into your dream space. Regardless of your reason for seeking custom home remodeling, the professionals at Criner will help you work with your space to create a customized and comfortable home that lasts a lifetime.