Contrary to popular belief, a sunroom addition can bring more than just aesthetic value to your doors. Though it’s certainly a beautiful way to improve the look and feel of your home, a sunroom does so much more — especially when designed and constructed properly.

A sunroom could, in fact, even put more money in your pocket. Here are just a few ways:

You can sell your home for more.

Statistics show that adding a sunroom can add around $34,000 to your home’s total property value, meaning you’ll get bigger returns when you sell it later down the line. A sunroom also photographs well (which is great for home listings!), and it’s a huge selling point for many cold-weary buyers.

You’ll save on energy and electricity costs in the long run.

Sunrooms can trap sunlight, warming your home naturally rather than using up heat and racking up your electric bills. In a state that gets as cold as Virginia does in the winter, that can make a huge difference.

You’ll have comfortable, temperate access to the great outdoors year-round.

You know what other homes in your area can’t boast? Comfortable, convenient, temperate access to the outdoors year-round — even in the dead of winter. A sunroom addition can deliver you just that, and it may just be what differentiates your home from a neighbor’s when it comes time to sell.

The Power of a Sunroom Addition

A sunroom addition is a great way to improve your home’s visual appeal, energy efficiency, and overall value, and it’s a solid long-term investment in your property. Do you want to learn more about what value a sunroom could bring to your home? Then contact Criner Remodeling today. One of our design consultants can create a custom-fit sunroom project plan just for you.