IMG_4131When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, sometimes the smallest details can have the biggest impact. It’s important to consider how design elements such as backsplashes, light fixtures, and drawer and cabinet pulls will affect not only the overall look of your kitchen, but also the kitchen’s functionality. The primary use of your kitchen (like whether it is a high-traffic family area or a high-tech foodie workspace) will ultimately affect the decisions you make about these small details. Below is some in-depth information about knobs and pulls for your drawers and cabinets and about how they fit in to other small kitchen remodel ideas.

A modern, minimalist look in cabinet pulls is achieved by the recessed pull. Rather than having a knob or pull affixed to the front of the cabinet, a recessed pull creates a ledge inside the cabinet face that allows you to pull it open or to shut it. The recessed look works well for homeowners who want an unobtrusive design, and it also works well in kitchens with a lot of foot traffic since there are no pulls sticking out to snag on clothing. However, recessed pulls are often built into the cabinetry itself and are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to retrofit onto existing drawers and cabinets. If replacing all of your cabinetry simply isn’t in the cards right now, don’t fret – there are more options available.

For a look that doesn’t require a long-term commitment, check out bar pulls, which are very trendy right now. These long, rod-shaped pulls add a sophisticated touch that can work with a number of small kitchen remodel ideas. They look especially good with a metal finish and paired against a dark wood drawer or cabinet. Much like recessed pulls, bar pulls offer a streamlined look that allows other kitchen accents, such as tiling or woodwork, to take center stage. They are also easy to use because they provide a long surface to grab and pull.

If you want your pulls to make a big impression, then you may want to consider purchasing some novelty pulls from a vintage market or specialty store. Pulls in the shape of animals, geometric designs, household objects, and even aquatic plants can be found in kitchens around the world. These kinds of pulls may not be the easiest to use or clean, but they are sure to express your unique personality and make your kitchen a fun, inviting space. If scouring vintage shops and estate sales for these one-of-a-kind accessories does not sound like your cup of tea, never fear – many manufacturers make “vintage style” novelty pulls in a wide variety of shapes and designs.

You can also create that vintage look while still keeping things streamlined with bin pulls. These half-cup-shaped pulls look decidedly old school, adding a feeling of tradition to any kitchen. When paired with more modern cabinetry, they can have a very forward-thinking impact. Bin pulls are most often seen in metal and black finishes, but they can come in any color. Metal looks great against white or neutral cabinetry, while black bin pulls don’t detract from the beauty of natural wood.

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