KelCrinerRemodeling_7aIt is easy to only focus on the big picture when making kitchen remodeling plans. We tend to imagine the space as a whole first before searching for little details inside that vision. Unfortunately, when working from big to small, it is all too simple to lose sight those details. For example, you may have already decided you did not want to replace your dishwasher (it runs fine, after all), but that was before you fell in love with this sleek, all-chrome oven and stovetop. Now your perfectly fine dishwasher will stick out like a sore thumb. Kitchen appliances walk a complicated line between aesthetics and function. Sometimes, your kitchen needs run counter to your design vision. It ultimately begs the question: Are appliance upgrades part of kitchen remodeling plans? Here are a few ways you can integrate appliance upgrades into your kitchen remodel.

Sometimes you simply want to change the look of your kitchen, which necessitates upgrading your appliances, but just as often, the opposite is true. Let’s say your stovetop doesn’t heat as evenly as it once did, or your small and cozy sink can’t handle the onslaught of dishes as your family grows. Many homeowners take the chore of upgrading their kitchen appliances as an opportunity to makeover that entire space. It is amazing what a set of coordinated, on-trend appliances can do for your kitchen!

When making your own kitchen remodeling plans, make sure your appliances do not get left out. With experts like those at Criner Remodeling, you can be sure no detail of your new kitchen will go overlooked. Give us a call today at (757) 868-6200 to schedule your own free in-home consultation or to go over any questions with a professional member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.