Good contractors know the ins and outs of renovation laws for all renovations projects, no matter the size. Such renovation laws exist to ensure that your home updates fit within the codes that are put in place by inspectors and that are intended to protect the structural integrity of a building. There are many of these laws, but you don’t need to know them if you hire a good contractor who is able to take care of the legal details for you through every phase of your renovation.

Avoiding safety issues is the primary concern of most renovation laws for smaller renovations, especially for any type of electrical work. Adding a few outlets or a new ceiling light can create big problems if improperly installed or not in compliance with renovation laws, including such hazards as electrical fires and shorted circuits. Plumbing regulations are another category of renovation laws that need to be followed carefully, as leaky faucets and dripping pipes can cause flooding that damages a home monumentally.

Zoning laws are particularly complicated and difficult to understand for many homeowners. These regulations are often fluid and bureaucratic, but a good contractor will be up-to-date on them so that you don’t have to worry about obtaining the correct permits. If your contractor tries to have you get the necessary permits on your own, look for another contractor. The experts at Criner Remodeling never ask their clients to deal with confusing processes such as zoning law permits.

Some renovation laws frustrate both business owners and homeowners alike, and sometimes these laws can cause an initial estimate to double due to complications and hidden requirements. Hiring a contractor can help you avoid such costs far better than attempting to perform a renovation on your own, and will ensure that you don’t incur any fines for violating laws.

Criner Remodeling is familiar with the renovation laws in place for home updates, and we can help you with any renovation project, big or small. Call us with any ideas you have regarding the little touches that make a house a home.