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Remodeling Costs Don’t Have to Be Scary

Scared to know what your dream remodeling projects would cost you? Don’t be.

When considering potential remodeling costs, it’s important you think not only of the upfront, out-of-pocket costs but also of the value it could give back to you, both financially and otherwise.

In the end, the results may surprise you.

How Remodeling Costs Pay for Themselves

Remodeling costs are an investment. When chosen properly (and executed properly), they can virtually pay for themselves over time.

Here’s why:

  • Resale value. The right remodeling projects can add value to your property, allowing you to sell the home for a higher price down the line. Depending on how much you paid for the home (and how much of your mortgage loan you have left), that could equate tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Energy saving. Upgrading and renovating things like windows, doors, siding, HVAC systems, and even appliances can all give you a more energy-efficient home. Ultimately, they allow your property to use up less energy over time, and that means lower electric bills (and more money in your pocket) as a result.
  • Comfort and convenience. How much is added comfort and convenience worth to you? Would having a spacious patio to enjoy your coffee improve your day? Could an island in the kitchen make entertaining easier? Would larger cabinets help you stay better organized? These items might not come with a price tag, but they sure could bring value to your life in the long run.


Do you want to know what your dream remodeling costs would be? More importantly, do you want to know how those remodeling costs would virtually pay for themselves? Schedule a consultation with a Criner Remodeling design consultant today.