While the bathroom is arguably one of the most essential rooms in any home, the space often gets overlooked when it comes time to remodel. Considering the fact that almost everyone who spends a decent amount of time in your home will have to visit your bathroom at some point, why not take the time to make it a beautiful and inviting space? Here are some recent trends in Virginia bathroom remodeling that can make your bathroom feel brand new.

Allover Glass Tile

Glass tile has come to prominence in recent seasons, and with good reason. A top to bottom glass tile mosaic on the walls and shower of your bathroom can give the space a calming, ethereal feel. Also, the materials are often recycled, giving your bathroom a low carbon footprint.

Bathroom remodel in Yorktown Virginia by A. Tatum Photography

Luxurious Touches

Since the bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in your house, you can afford to go big with the little details. Cascading shower heads, multiple jets, stand-alone tubs, and radiant heated floors are just a few indulgent options to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Go Big With Lighting

Speaking of luxurious touches, don’t neglect your lighting choices when planning your new bathroom. This is often the place where you get ready to face your day, which makes adequate lighting a necessity. Mix up ambient and task lighting in a variety of locations – overhead, vanity, or even underneath the cabinetry – to keep your bathroom bright and inviting.

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