Green technology is the future for buildings. As the energy sources continue to deplete, there is a growing need for Certified Green Professional (CGP) services. Many homeowners are on the lookout for certified builders who have extensive experience in building clean, green, energy saving structures, but there aren’t a lot in the industry. The basic requirements for NAHB green building certification are rigid and difficult to complete.

Required Education

  • An NAHB designation or Business Management for Building.
  • 1-day Green Construction Course for Building Professionals
  • 2-day Building Science Course (Advanced Green Building)
  • 2-day Project Management Course (Advanced Green Building)

Additional Requirements

  • CGP applicants should have a minimum of 5 years of building experience. They should have remodeled or built at least three structures over a 3-year period that is recognized by a national, state, or local residential green program.
  • Must hold the title of either a construction executive employee, lead carpenter or superintendent, or owner of company.
  • Applicants are required to provide proof of their contractor’s license, workers compensation, and valid liability insurance.
  • All Certified Green Professionals will need to follow the CGP Master Code of Ethics.


The accumulated fees for obtaining a CGP can amount to several hundred dollars. The required 1 and 2 day courses are a few hundred dollars each. Additionally, renewing the license each year will cost $55.

Prolonged Education Requirements

To retain a CGP designation, contractors must have twelve hours of CGP related education every three years. Eight of these hours must come from studying activities related to the green construction industry, while the remaining four hours should be based on similar topics. Building green structures is a big responsibility, so applicants must retain high qualifications and have a professional commitment to their job. These strict guidelines cannot be followed by every contractor, but with the educational and experiential requirements, anyone searching for a contractor able to remodel with a green conscience should look for the CGP designation.