Though DIY-themed websites and remodeling shows on TV make it seem easy to renovate your home and make over your drab kitchen into a designer showcase, you are much more likely to get the results you are hoping for if you team up with a professional. Virginia kitchen remodeling experts know the ins and outs of complicated systems such as plumbing and electric wiring. They have access to the best subcontractors, designer fixtures, and finishes. They also have the knowledge and experience necessary to turn an initial idea into a fully functional kitchen. Here are some tips for finding the right kitchen remodeling professional for your project to ensure that you have a happy experience and to ensure that you get fantastic results.

First of all, how do you find the right designer? Skill, flexibility, and accreditation should be at the top of the list when homeowners search for a remodeling expert. When getting in touch with a potential designer, ask to see examples of their previous work. Many designers will have a portfolio online, meaning you can browse images at home without the pressure of sitting in an office. Don’t just look for past projects that align with your design principles; it is just as important to find a designer who can work in a number of different styles. That way, you can feel confident that they will see your vision instead of just trying to adapt your concept to their style.

Accreditation can also be a great way to sift through potential prospects. Home remodeling experts can seek certification and training from a number of different organizations, including national and regional building organizations, green or environmentally-friendly building associations, and many more. These types of accreditations show that a designer is committed to their field and pursues excellence in their profession. Many times, these organizations will keep lists of designers who meet their standards for the public to peruse, so be sure to check out their websites.

Once you find your highly skilled and certified home designer, how do you work with them to get the look you’re after? A lot of your satisfaction depends on honesty. If you are looking for a complete overhaul but you tell your designer that you “maybe just want to change a few things,” then chances are good that you’re going to end up disappointed. Remember – it’s much easier to scale down big ideas than it is to stretch small ideas into a satisfying end result. If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of pitching your kitchen remodel, or if you’re just not sure what to say, then say it with images. This doesn’t mean you need to spend two hours showing your designer all of your Pinterest boards, but a small collection of images can help your designer understand what you see when you use terms like “modern” or “rustic.”

Finally, try to keep an open mind. You may have seen this amazing vent hood in a friend’s home that you’d like to incorporate into your Virginia kitchen remodel, but a skilled designer can tell you if your home’s structure will even be able to support a heavy appliance. Some ideas are not feasible in all kitchens, and other ideas could work with a little modification. If you can work with your designer to find ways to stay true to the heart of your vision without getting bogged down in all the details, you will end up happy after it’s over.

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