Any great kitchen remodel design will make cooking, and your life, a lot easier, so organization should be a top priority. Even the smallest of floor spaces can expand with a properly ordered kitchen, giving you more room to work, socialize, and prepare meals. Aesthetics are important in any kitchen remodel design, but the key to contentment is efficiency.

Criner Remodeling Kitchen OrganizationBefore beginning a major remodeling job, you need to purge your cabinets and drawers of non-essentials. Paper clipping, broken tools, and random pieces of disposable dishware can fill up a lot of usable space. That accumulation is normal, but you have to clear it all out before you can know how much storage space you really need. Often, whole cabinets that once held junk can be converted into a hiding place for garbage and recycling bins. A second oven for preparing larger meals can replace drawers of pans, which are easier to access from racks along the wall.

Criner Remodeling Kitchen Dishwasher

Opening counter space allows for even grander cooking projects, and rather than build more, many new homes include a microwave drawer. Dishwashers, too, should be considered an essential to any kitchen remodel design, since they abolish the need for drying racks. And while over the top cabinets are critical to organization, their open doors can obstruct quick movements when preparing a dish; removing them entirely can expand an area—or at least installing doors that slide up, rather than open out.

Implementing all of these might be difficult for one project, but consider at least a few when drafting your kitchen remodel design. People most content with their kitchens are those who have sufficient space, and that can be created in a home of any size with proper organization.