No discussion of Newport News home bathroom additions would be complete without mentioning a few ways to give your restrooms a proper vintage look. So here are six tips for creating a classic atmosphere in these oh-so-essential rooms. Each idea offers its own mix of old-fashioned charm and timeless appeal. All of them are splendid possibilities to discuss with a Criner representative.

  1. For a look that’s both modern and vintage, choose gleaming white fixtures like sinks and tubs. They have a clean, minimalist look that fits in well with any time period. You can balance out their sometimes harsh appearance by adding softening touches like fluffy towels and a small shag rug.
  2. Use classic storage solutions like antique or distressed cabinets. One great option is to repurpose an old studio cabinet that at one time held stacks of vinyl records. Many of these consoles were designed to last for centuries, so you’re likely to find one in perfect shape at your local antiques mall. Just be sure it can fit within your available space.
  3. Forgo modern vinyl curtains and opt for frilly lace versions instead. These are a great way to add a dainty touch to your bathroom décor.
  4. Swap out those modern light fixtures for vintage-style ones cast in brass. These fixtures give off a gentle, gleaming touch that evokes memories of bygone days.
  5. Choose paintings and other wall art carefully. Sometimes all you need to create a vintage look is a framed picture of an old red barn or a country meadow.
  6. If you’re planning to redo the walls, then you might want to consider using milk-based paints or other non-traditional materials. They’re great for creating the look of ages past.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these vintage bathroom decorating ideas. And be sure to keep Criner in mind for your Newport News home bathroom additions. We look forward to hearing from you.